To the Editor:

As a soon to be former member of American Legion Post 311 in Hawley I am disgusted with the article dated 17 October 2013. These individuals voiced their own opinions and not that of the organization as a whole. They did not hold a special meeting or a regular meeting for that matter regarding the issue of prayer and seek advice from the members of this post.

I have participated in this event in the past and I am proud of the patriotism of all involved. I was unable to attend last year because I was deployed to Kuwait in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. A moment of silence, which we have done in the past, allows everyone to reflect their thoughts in their own way and shows the respect of all participants.

Taking your own morals out on the student body and the community is not the way to do things! We have state and government officials whose job is to address these issues. These individuals should have contacted them, rather than boycott a fourth grade school program.

My children have participated in this program and it gave me a great sense of pride. My son and I both are combat veterans with multiple deployments and enjoy the program the school puts forth. It is shameful that a few individuals can destroy something that means so much to the students, community and all veterans affected by their actions.


James Strasser

SSG, Unit Training NCO

Co A 1-109

th CAB

Honesdale, Pa.