The Waste Management transfer station has been working to expand its services and has started the use of single stream recycling.

- The Waste Management transfer station has been working to expand its services and has started the use of single stream recycling.

Single stream recycling is a technology that allows all recyclables to be placed into a single container for collection and processing. It's then sold as raw materials to create items like newspaper, office paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and steel and aluminum cans.

"Every transfer station is required to have a drop off," said Dan Card, manager of Waste Management in Beach Lake. "We wanted to expand and started doing single stream recycling."

One of the things that Waste Management does is accept plastics 1-7, that Card said can be "co-mingled together."

Items accepted for the single stream recycling include magazines, office paper, brown paper bags, newspaper, paperboard, paper cardboard, dairy and juice containers, junk mail, phone books, flattened cardboard, glass bottles and jars, aluminum cans, tin or steal cans and plastic.

Waste Management opened a Material Recovery Facility in Philadelphia, a $5 million project, which opened about two years ago. Products are taken to this facility where the materials are sorted.

Card stated that some is done manually and some is done by machine. The contents are emptied, put on a conveyor and are taken through different separation areas.

"We can pick up recycling at your house, which is $5 a month," he said. "However we also accept recycling on site free of charge."

He added that at the Beach Lake facility they recycle around 4,000 tons of materials a year.

"Recycling is the way we're going," Card stated. "We are even starting to do organic recycling. We are working on getting a facility closer to this area."

He also said that the numbers have dropped in the amount of waste that is brought in due to the increase in recycling.

"We want to turn this into a recycling facility," Card said.

In addition to the single stream recycling, Waste Management also offers a no cost Electronic (E-Scrap) Drop Off Center, which can accept a large number of electronic items. The Beach Lake location offers a certificate of destruction for computer hard drive and uses an R2 certified facility.

There is also a metal drop and at this location appliances that contain Freon can be accepted.

You can drop off products at the facility from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday. The facility is located on Rosencranse Road.

For more information on single stream recycling or other services Waste Management is providing, visit You can also contact the customer service center at (800) 869-5566 or call the Beach Lake Transfer Station at (570) 729-7125.