- Local 4-H leaders were present at the regular meeting of the Wayne County Commissioners Thursday for the recognition of Wayne County 4-H Week.

Laura Mayeski and other 4-H leaders were present to discuss the program and its strong roots in the county.

"We have over 400 youth in Wayne County reached by 4-H," Mayeski said. "We really appreciate your support."

She also said that there "are about 100 adult volunteers" who regularly participate.

Mayeski also said that while the program is most often associated with livestock and farming, there were "over 500 non-livestock projects completed this summer."

"We also have the second or third largest livestock sale in the entire state," Mayeski said of the annual sale held during the Wayne County Fair.

Commissioner Wendell Kay said 4-H "is one of the largest outside of school activities are included in."

The commissioners unanimously approved the declaration of Wayne County 4-H week, which was held Oct. 6-12.

The proclamation outlined the benefits of the program. One benefit being that this organization "serves youth in every county, urban and suburban, as well as rural communities." The program is open to youth ages five to 19 years old.

The nationwide program is the largest youth education program, aside from public schools.

Grant applications

Deborah Doyle, Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Administrative Assistant, was present to discuss various grant applications.

The first was for a PEMA grant to provide monetary assistance in starting a Citizen Corps program in the County.

"The program was started under the Bush administration after 9/11," she said.

According to their website, Citizen Corps aim to take the power of citizens and, through training, education, and volunteer service, help a community respond better to a disaster event.

The grant application for $8,320, to be used for establishment and training, was approved.

A grant agreement for the Emergency Management Performance Grants (EMPG) was also approved by the Commissioners.

The grant, in the amount of $59,783, is to provide assistance with salaries.

Other business

• The award from PCCD, in the form of a Central Booking Grant, was accepted. The award total is $3,675.

• Forrest Mohn was promoted from part to full time 911 dispatcher, effective Oct. 13.

• Susan Panaway was hired as a county caseworker I, effective Oct. 28.

• Robert Miller was hired as a part-time social service aide I, effective Oct. 15.

• Michelle Valinski was promoted to casework manager II, effective Oct. 14.

• Joyce Cerar was transfered from the Area Agency on Aging department to the Behavioral Developmental Programs and Early Intervention, effective Oct. 21.

• Maureen Allen was promoted from part to full time in the transportation department, effective Oct. 21.

• Austin O'Malley was hired as a recovery support specialist in the Wayne County Drug and Alcohol Department, effective Oct. 15.