In the classic movie "The Wizard of Oz," at least there is a happy ending.

In the classic movie "The Wizard of Oz," at least there is a happy ending.

But in the ongoing saga of the Honesdale Borough council, that is not going to be the case.

The bizarre saga of the police situation in Honesdale took another strange twist on Tuesday when the chairman of the civil service commission "un-resigned."

John Siejk unceremoniously quit the commission on Sept. 20, grabbed his broom and flew away from borough hall.

But then on Tuesday, apparently the good witch in him had a change of heart and a letter was read that said he was not going to resign.

Apparently, Siejk is a horse of a different color and he changed in the past week. He didn't like the yellow so he must have turned blue.

Incredibly, the council simply let this happen. President F.J. Monaghan (aka "The Wizard"), read his letter and no action was taken. Suddenly, the flying monkies have brought Siejk back to the civil service commission.

The man behind the curtain (Monaghan) even said that Siejk would remain chairman, even though that is a decision of the commission members, not the council.

How could the council even think about letting this guy back onto the commission?

He basically said "f*** you" to the citizens of the borough when he read a brief statement at a scheduled meeting of the commission and then abruptly walked out the door to the Yellow Brick Road.

There was no explanation given and he didn't even bother to fly in for this week's meeting to tell us why he had a change of heart. Maybe he drank some of the wicked witch's brew.

It also seemed apparent the council was hoping to just do this quickly and with little fanfare. They decided to hold the meeting in the small room downstairs on Tuesday. A few extra chairs had to be set up to accommodate all of the people.

Prior to the start of the meeting, Monaghan said, "I didn't think there would be this many people here this morning."


The council has messed with the lives of the police department members for the past two months and really don't seem to care how long this takes.

Acting chief Ron Kominski must feel like the Tin Man. He's been carrying the axe and doing a good job with the department, yet the council doesn't seem to think he has a heart.

Hey council, not only does he have a heart, he has a family and you are messing with them, as well.

Then there's the issue of the person they've chosen to be the chief. He isn't certified by the state to be a police officer. We learned today the borough's own rules require that for him to even apply for the job.

Maybe the wizard is going to create for him a special certification so they can go ahead and appoint him to rule over the city. That would more than likely draw a huge lawsuit by the police union and not even Glinda the Good Witch could save them from losing that action.

This entire episode makes us think too many members of the council have been hanging out in the poppy fields for quite some time. They are out of touch with reality and would rather have meetings behind the castle walls instead of in the open where the people can understand exactly what actions are being taken.

Mayor Ed Langendoerfer, who some on the council liken to the scarecrow who doesn't have a brain, actually has the best insight of all when it comes to this issue.

He sees the issue being about the people of the borough. All this drama is costing the borough credibility and costing the taxpayers money.

The mayor understands this concept and is spot on in his observations. He knows this is back room politics and personal agendas. He also knows this is no fantasy, it is reality and real people are getting hurt.

It's too bad some of those causing this anarchy can't be put into a balloon and sent back to Kansas. They are certainly not doing any favors for their subjects in Oz.

This fantasy is really a tragedy and we hope the movie can end very soon.