Another in an ongoing series of gun safety courses will be held this coming Saturday.

— Another in an ongoing series of gun safety courses will be held this coming Saturday.

A handgun familiarity course will be presented by the Hideout Sportsmans Association starting at 9 a.m. this Saturday.

"We've grown tremendously," said Harry Gold, one of the organizers of the courses.

This is the fifth time the course will be offered. It is free of charge and for people who possess or are contemplating purchasing a handgun.

Gold said safety is the focus of the course.

The emphasis of the presentation is safe handling, usage and storage of handguns by civilians regardless of age or past experience.

A person must have a Pennsylvania concealed carry license to participate. If you do have a license, a gun can be provided to you by organizers.

"Safety is the point of all of this," said Gold.

Areas which will be covered include proper handling, loading and unloading, trigger manipulation, sight picture, bullet calibers and more.

Gold said there are a "lot of options" when it comes to choosing a handgun and organizers will help people in making the right choices.

The classroom segment of the course begins at 9 a.m. Following the approximate two-hour class, the group will then travel to Lake Ariel for a live fire segment of the course. That is expected to last about an hour, which includes travel time.

For this week's event, a staff member from Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) will be attending the event. Gold said the representative is attending to both show support for the Hideout Sportsmans Association and their interest in gun safety "and to evaluate the possibility of a future joint effort to further this goal."

During the last event, Gold said 26 area residents participated. That, he said, shows significant growth from when the course were first offered.

He also said following each event, the sportsmans group generally picks up a few members. The club does continue to grow.

Besides the safety courses, the club conducts monthly shotgun and pistol shoots.

Anyone who is interested in the course should contact Gold at 570-224-4471.