After months of fundraising, a spunky boy's dream bedroom was completed.

- After months of fundraising, a spunky boy's dream bedroom was completed.

Six-year-old Brody Park, the son of Rebecca and Kevin Park of Waymart, was diagnosed with Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome at just nine months old.

This genetic disorder causes impaired speech, immobility, the need for tube feedings, gout, kidney issues and self-injurious behavior. The self-injurious behavior can range from biting his lip to head banging.

To celebrate the completion of the 650 square foot addition, an open house was held to thank all those who contributed to the cause in any way.

"It's just unbelievable the changes they were able to make for Brody," Rebecca said. "It's just awesome."

The addition was completed with hardwood floors, to allow easy movement for Brody in his wheel chair.

The room also has a lift to enable his proud parents and nurses to place him safely, and comfortably, in his brand new bed.

"The lift has been huge," Rebecca said.

With Brody's previous second floor bedroom being very small, and with a bathroom being located on the floor, a larger space was needed for the family to care for him.

Because of his immobility, a major issue was lifting him in and out of the bathtub for bathing.

The new room includes a handicap accessible shower that is attached on suite.

The lovingly opinionated Brody was also very involved in choosing the decor for his new room.

"He is very opinionated," Rebecca said with a chuckle. Brody was able to pick out his bedding and a recliner.

"When we went to pick out the recliner, we sat him in this one and he said 'This one, Mom!' So that's what we got."

The room is also adorned with Brody's favorite things: race cars.

"He really wanted race cars," she said. The cheerful citrus green was also chosen by Brody, because "green is his favorite color."

Courtney Krajkovich, a life-long friend of Rebecca, kick started the campaign to begin fundraising for the room in April.

Donations began coming in monetarily and in many in-kind services. The room received its occupancy permit on Sept. 17.

"It's great to see how everyone came together for a cause," Krajkovich said.

Without the overwhelming support for the community, there are many people to thank.

The following is a list of all those who contributed to making Brody's new bedroom possible: Bruce and Carolyn Mackle; Butch and Jane Finlon; Butchie and Ellen Pedley; Butler's Environmental Services; Calvary United Methodist Church; Canaan Township; Carl and Joanne Kuehner; Carol Saykewicz; Carol, Roger, Lisa and Tim Olver; Caroline Nelson; Carolyn Siepela; Carreen Edwards, Thirty One Consultant; Chad and Monica Klock; Charles and Anne Hayden; Charles and Bonnie Walter; Chris Vonk; Christa and Robert High; Christine Kwiatkowski; Christopher Leonard; Chuck Grimm; Ciccone Excavating; Clifford Krajkovich; Cody Gilbert; Colin and Lisa Keefer; Valerie Contorno; Cora and Evans Lutz; Crossroads Bar; Dakan Enterprises; Dale and Gail Mannick; Dale and Suzie Roberts; Daniel Frascella; Danny Voskisenskiy; Darren Howell; Darrin and Darryl Smith; Dave Misuira & Family; Dawn Bentler Kieffer and Family; Dean and Patricia Collins; Debbie Wittig & John Poltanis;Dick Allan; Diehl Trucking; Dirlam Brothers Lumber; Don and Donna Burdick; Donald and Colleen Cook; Donald and Megan Matulevich; Donald Frick; Donations; Donovan Burdick; Dorothy A. Keen; Doug Kennedy; Dunkin Donuts, Honesdale; Dyberry Sand & Gravel; Ellen Faliskie; Elston and Marjorie Mannick; Elwood and Kathleen Merring; EPSCO Supply; Eric Carlile; Eric Kramer; Erie Materials; Erin Healey; Estemerwalt Log Homes; Evergreen Elem. School-Teachers & Staff; Frank Kulick; Frank Summa; Freddy's Refuse; Fritz Bros; Fromm Electric; Gail Barna; Garden State Tile; George and Judith Reihner; George Grassi; George Turturiello; Gerard O'Neill; Gouldsboro Fire Hall; Gracyn and Dawcyn Davis; Gravity Inn Bar and Restaurant; Gravity Inn Motel; Greg and Brenda Kovaleski; Greg Marinelli; Grimm Construction; GSI Inc.; Paul & Cheryl Guinther; Gunnar and Skout Minor; Harold and Anna Park; Heads Up Flooring; Heather and Tammy Jensen; Henshaw Trucking; Holly and David Gilpin; Home Depot; Hugh Irwin; Jacqueline Sesso; James and Carolyn McCormick; James and Donna Labar; Jane Varcoe; Jason and Nicole Kromko; Jeanie Pavlovich; JEC Construction; Jeffrey and Edith Thomas; Jeremy and Carreen Edwards; Jerry and Darryl Ciccone; Jerry Arnold; Jim and Barbara Rodda; Jo Misuira; Joan Mican; Joan Sporer; Joanne and Lucas Gries; Joanne and Michael Connolly; John and Courtney Krajkovich; John and Kelly Heraghty; John Franklin; John Thorpe; Jonathan Misuira; Joseph and Jan Butcher; Judith and Michael Skerel; Julie Farley; Julie Heffere; Julie, Beth, Karen & Liz ~ Lowes Gift Card; Katharine Brown; Katrina and Tom Lipyanic; Keith, Amy, Josh and Hannah Danielowski; Ken and Sue Williams; Ken Swan; Kenny and Laurie Shino; Kevin and Ellen Caines; Kevin and Kari Kromko; Kevins Mother; Keystone Block; Kim Nazarenko-Hon; Klock, Chad & Monica; La-Z-Boy; Lauren and David Cook; Lawn & Order Landscaping; Lenny and Amie Wargo; Lilian Rollison; Lions Club of Waymart; Liz Levrock; Liz Osborn; Logan Vinton; Louis Henshaw; Lowe's Home Improvement; Lungs for Deb; Lyn and Caroline Henshaw; Majestic Tile; Manuel Seeley; Marjorie Rupert; Mark and Lori Minor; Mark Bell; Mary Urmanec; Masonic Lodge #542 ; Matthew Kovaleski; Maureen Gaffney; Melissa Davis; Melissa Haggerty; Melissa Leet; Michael and Barbara Leonard; Michael and Dolores Opsasnick; Michael and Ellen Poska; Michael and Erin Shine; Michael and Kim Modrovsky; Mickey Abbott; Mike and Brittany Yatsonsky; Mike and Christina Pane; Mike Henshaw; Mike Norella; Milanville General Store; Mildred Morrill; Missy and Brian Davis; Missy Ferraro; Mitchell Ferraro; Molly French; Moses Taylor Labor & Delivery Staff; Mr & Mrs. Norman Enslin; N.E.P. Sno-Trails Inc.; Nancy Savage; Neil and Christine Van Ness; Nicholas, Frankie and Christopher Pane; Norman Enslin; Northeast Med Equip; O'Neill Busing, Inc; Order of the Eastern Star, Chapter 67; Order of the Eastern Star Chapter 216; Pa State Snowmobile Association; Patrick Milos and Bridget O'Neill; Paul and Carol Yander; Paul and Joanne Naso; Paul and Patricia Kennedy; Paul and Phyllis Krajkovich; Paul and Sandy Meagher; Paul O'Neill; Paul's Garage and Auto Repair; Peggy and John Kowalski; Pella Windows and Doors; Peter Black; Rachel James; Rebecca and Ronald Frisco; Rebekah Brown; Reece and Spencer Krajkovich; Regina Savage; Richard Redling; RJ Walker; Robby Grimm; Roche Supply; Rochelle from EPSCO; Rocky Rosetti; Ronald and Karen Firmstone; Rose Orehek, Ross Macciocco; Roy and Cindy Gibbs; Ruth O'Neill; Ryan and Kelly Vinton; Ryan and Regan Park; Ryan and Stephanie French; Ryan Matthews; Sally and Marsden Urmanec; Salvatore & Linda Falsone; Sam and Brooke Chapman; Samantha Gill; Richard and Sandra Samjec; Sandra Buehring; Sarah Buynovsky; Scott Shearer; Scranton Craftsman; Scranton Times Tribune; Shawn Haggerty; Shiela McCabe; Stacy Lange; Stephen and Adina Rosenthal; Stephen and April Watt; Stephens Pharmacy; Steve and Susan Curtis; Steve Redding; Steve Wayman; T & T AC Refrigeration & Heating; Tess Bagdonas; The Marcyoniak Family; The Origiinal Black Sheep; The Propst Family; The Stephens Family; Thomas & Mary Farley; Tim and Heather Hess; Tim and Jennifer Schweighofer; Timothy and Leonor Van Ness; Timothy and Rebekah Ihlefeldt; Timothy and Samantha Maloney; Todd Kinzinger; Todd Stephens; Tom and Mary Wasylk; Tom and Maureen McCleary; Tom and Pat Williamson; Tom Gannon; Tom McCleary Inc.; Top Notch; Trevdan Building Supply; Trevor and Jaime Minor; Turano Insurance; Waymart Beverage Center; Waymart Building Center; Waymart Hotel; Waymart Hotel ~ Mt. Cobb; Waymart Lions Club; Waymart Mill; Waymart Presbyterian Church; Wayne County Ready Mix; Wayne Independent; Wayne Woodlands Staff; Wendell and Carol Hunt; Wendy Hartman; Western Wayne Alumni Disaster Relief Fund; William and Sue Merring; William Mueller; WNEP TV; Zack and Naomi Spewak; Zeke and Willow Hemmler and thank you to everyone who wished to remain anonymous and/or would only provide first names.

This extensive list closes with a statement that says, "Every piece to this puzzle came together to show an amazing picture of a community and the life of a little boy."