I'm very excited it's officially fall, my favorite season of all.

I'm very excited it's officially fall, my favorite season of all.

There are many things to love about fall, including my birthday next month, the temperatures that aren't too cold and not too hot, apple cider, Halloween and of course the changing of the leaves.

Living in Northeast Pennsylvania provides us with many opportunities to see beautiful landscapes that the colored leaves give us and I love driving through it every day.

The only downside of this season is the unwelcome return of seeing uggs everywhere.

These hideous boots are supposed to be "comfortable" and "stylish" and are meant to keep your feet warm, but the fashion statements that come with them make them that more dreadful.

If they are meant to keep you warm, then what's with this idea of wearing uggs with short shorts and a sweatshirt? Sometimes they are even seen with shorts over leggings. Why?

That's not to mention the fact that these people continue these peculiar fashion choices into the winter weather. Again, why? Are you that insane?

Just knowing they will be coming out in full force is making me go "ugg."

The boots are ugly enough without adding horrendous fashion choices to boot (pun intended).

When did wearing uggs with shorts become "the thing," especially in the winter? Worst of all we live in Northeast Pennsylvania, or have you forgotten? Our weather is so unpredictable and our winters can be brutal when they want to be.

So why on Earth do people make these fashion don'ts?

All I know is that uggs are uggly and should just go away forever.

I will not let the uggliness ruin my favorite season. I welcome fall to the fullest extent and am excited to enjoy it.

Waters is a staff writer for The Wayne Independent and can be reached at kwaters@wayneindependent.com.