Supervisors remain silent

-During Monday night's meeting of the Texas Township Supervisors, an awkward silence filled the room when they were questioned why Sandi Scull was no longer the zoning officer.

"What happened to Sandi?" asked resident Carol Santos during public comment. "Did she just up and quit or what?"

Without even looking at her, chairman Don Doney simply said, "well she's no longer working for the township."

Before the first public comment period came up, Doney stated that Scull was no longer the zoning officer and that they would "start advertising" this week for a new one.

"I thought she was doing a good job," Santos added. "Is there something I'm missing? You don't want to get the reputation that you can't work with your employees."

No further comment came from any of the supervisors about the matter. When approached separately by this newspaper and asked again, they again refused to say a word.

Other business

• Supervisor Rick Southerton recently commented on his running for police chief in Honesdale Borough. He said it has "nothing to do" with Texas Township and that if he's selected for the job he "wouldn't be able to do both," because the chief position would be "full time."

• Chromatube in White Mills has been using trailers to draw water from private wells and taking it to other locations. Residents were concerned if there is a permitting process the company has to go through to do so.

"They aren't taking water from the river," said the supervisors.

"There are two wells at the ball fields and one across from Chromatube," said supervisor Alan Wickle.

"I understand that's a commercially-zoned area," said resident Georgette Pascotto. "Are they allowed to take unlimited amounts of water?"

Southerton said he would "try to find out" what's going on and that he would check with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to see if there is a permitting process.

• The supervisors have been talking about painting lines on Old Willow Avenue, but are concerned with the cost.

"We can paint them or put decals in," said Southerton. "Decals last better but they're more expensive."

The supervisors also stated that if they are going to do something with the road within a few years then it "wouldn't make any sense" to paint them.

"We need to think on it soon before winter gets here," said Wickle.

• Pascotto asked what will happen until they find a new zoning officer.

"Will permitting be on hold altogether until you get a zoning officer?" she asked.

"Bob Bates said he would help us out," said Southerton.

He also suggested that if the township "can't find" a zoning officer that they "should make Bob Bates" that person.