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  • August 2013 Marriages, divorces, property transfers

  • The following Marriage Licenses and Divorce Decrees were issued in the Wayne County Courthouse, Honesdale Penn., during the month of August 2013.
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  • The following Marriage Licenses and Divorce Decrees were issued in the Wayne County Courthouse, Honesdale Penn., during the month of August 2013.
    Marriage Licenses
    Herbert Arthur Babcock Jr. and Chassidy Kae Thompson
    Jason Kurt Eisele and Aimee Elaine Propst
    Matthew Patrick Horvay and Lisa Marlania Bly
    Matthew Garrett Knolle and Laura Elizabeth Chalmers
    Jason Francis Klimczak and Alicia Ann Burnham
    Zachary Michael Fawcett and Seirra Amber Shaffer
    Timothy Ryan Colletti and Sara Kathryn Schaffhauser
    Michael Adam Brubaker and Lauren Ashley Cameron
    John Joseph Griffith Sr. and Michele Renee Fasceski
    Timothy William Bishop and Debra Lillian Ryan
    Daniel Joseph Ludwig and Teri Lynn Bentler
    Mark Eugene Ferrell and Lynn Wilkie Ferrell
    Yaroslaw Dobriansky and Ruta Oksana Lew
    Christopher James Kuruts and Sondra Kay Steel Biggs
    Jason Paul Bullock and Katie Lynn Obidinski
    Matthew Ray Eisele and Deannette Jean Waltman
    Jared M. Anderson and Kimberly Marie Wallace
    Rodney Alan Dorr and Lacretia Vashaun Rednour
    Craig Douglas Westbrook Jr. and Michelle Ann Shakkour
    Andrew Douglas Higdon and Kaitlin Luann Mountain
    Joseph William Riley Jr. and Jordan Elizabeth Barber
    Paul James Beavers and Heather Anne Welsh
    Shawn Edward Samson and Mary Louise Williams
    Roy Douglas Carrick and Taria Jennifer Hanley
    Scott Eric Black and Linda Marie Gillette
    Dustin Wayne Manning and Justine Marie Bonning
    Timothy Allen Brewer and Tiffany Marie Carpenter
    Gerard Patrick Miserandino Jr and Jessica Rae Hankinson
    Jason Stanley Wood and Emily Ruth Wood
    Gary Joel Sawransky and Victoria Lee Briecke
    Page 2 of 10 - • David Robert Roe Jr and Jennifer Casey Powell
    Brett Edward Hopkins and Michelle Ann Greene
    James Murray Gardas and Jade Elizabeth Sutliff
    Brian Lee Weist and Jennifer Lynn Irene Swanson
    Christopher J. Rebernik and Briget A. Drumm
    William John Salak IV and Alyssa Rene Krowiak
    Christopher Daniel McGourty and Diane Elaine Walsh
    Christopher Steven Ficken and Meghan Marie Demchak
    Lynn Lewis Henshaw and Caroline Marie Leslie
    Divorce Decrees
    Steven R. Jachens vs. Valerie M. Jachens
    Angela M. Galletti vs. Joseph I Galletti
    Lyn Carrikk vs, Narj Carrikk
    Earl McKane vs. Donna McKane
    Wendy L. Sanders N/K/A Headley vs. Douglas B. Sanders III
    Stacy J. Swingle vs. James J. Swingle
    Tracy A. Andrews N/K/A Fox vs. Anthony J. Andrews
    Rebecca Schaepe N/K/A Dutko vs. Michael A. Schaepe
    Justin Corliss vs. C• atherine Corliss
    Michelle R. Wentzell N/K/A Bayly vs. Troy D. Wentzell
    Alan H. Riley vs. Diane A. Riley
    Richard A. Bolllenbach vs. Gwenn Rosenthal
    Deena M. Whitfield vs. James Whitfield
    Beth Amy Hopkins vs. Paul Hopkins
    Property Transfers
    The following Property Transfers for the month of August, 2013 were recorded in the Wayne County Courthouse, Honesdale PA. Abbreviations used are as follows: EXR: Executor; AF: Attorney-in-Fact; TR: Trustee and ADM: Administrator.
    Berlin Township
    Aug. 12: Gloria B. Kuester, a property to William R. and Donna G. Grosso, $56,000
    Aug. 14: Donna M. Stanton, a property to Edward V. and Susan C. Miszler, $7,000
    Aug. 19: Robert and Linda Bruno, a property to Jamie and Amy Dereamer, $42,000
    Page 3 of 10 - Aug. 23: Cama Entrust, Joseph Kneller IRA and Camaplan, a property to Piper Creek, Inc., $13,500
    Aug. 27: Mark H. Nordenhold, a property to Dustin and Tiffany Rivenburg, $169,000
    Aug. 29: Elizabeth Fried Glembin and Elizabeth Freid, a property to Two Six Five Perkins Pond Road, $122,000
    Bethany Borough
    Aug. 30: William and Diane Hankinson, a property to William Randolph, Andrea Randolphphkrisova and Andrea Randolph Krisova, $144,000
    Buckingham Township
    Aug. 12: Peter C. and Nancy W. Bousum, a property to Thomas R. Brubaker, $78,000
    Aug. 23: Elizabeth Skoski, a property to Keith W. Geer and Danielle Gulyas, $106,000
    Cherry Ridge Township
    Aug. 1: United States Marshal, Clint Keeler EXR and Elaine Venesky EST, a property to Andrea Tigue, $51,600
    Aug. 1: Kevin R. and Carla M. Lebrecht, a property to Cathy M. Salak, $270,000
    Aug. 5: Anita Avvisato, EXR, Julie Ann Smith EST AKA, Julie Buki EST AKA, Julie Smith EST AKA and Julie A. Smith EST AKA, a property to Eugene Buki Jr., $100,000
    Aug. 19: Michael and Katherine Krupa, a property to Freddy R. Conklin and Bonnie M. Bortree, $200,000
    Aug. 21: Andrea Tigue, a property to Helen S. Houck, $145,000
    Aug. 21: Robert James Carroll III and Jeannie L. Carroll, a property to Timothy M. and Jennifer L. Morgan, $330,250
    Aug. 26: Piper Creek Inc. a property to David Potusky, $105,000.00
    Aug. 26: Nicholas and Geraldine Silvestri, a property to Jenilyn M. Mahon, $152,000
    Aug. 27: Ann L. Horst, a property to GMM, $199,000
    Clinton Township
    Aug. 14: Peter A. and Jeanette M. Mandella, a property to Edward R. Howell, $200,000
    Aug. 23: Jack M. and Victa Mae Kidd, a property to VMHJMK Investment, $1.00
    Aug. 30: Richard and Bonnie Vauter, a property to Daniel P. Haggerty, Meghan Stott Haggerty, Gerard T. and Katie M. McNamara, $407,500
    Aug. 30: Anthony and Penelope Chiovari, a property to Charles N. and Kathleen Aiken, $225,000
    Damascus Township
    Aug. 1: Barbara Sturgeon Yeaman, a property to Jeremy and Christi Hocker, $355,000
    Aug. 1: Audrey Theresa, a property to Joseph E. White, $137,500
    Page 4 of 10 - Aug. 1: Jeremy and Christi Hocker, a property to Kelly Ann Dvorznak TR, Daniel Dvorznak and Kelly Ann Dvorznak Revocable Trust, $220,000
    Aug. 7: Richard W. Roeder TR, and Richard W. Swendsen, a property to Harvey L. Swendsen, Gary J. Swendsen and Lori E. Heckman, $95,000
    Aug. 7: Richard Macejka EST AKA, Rich Macejka EST AKA, John E. Henneman EXR, and Lynne A. Mehalick, a property to Paul R and Catherine Roxby, $85,000
    Aug. 7: Wells Fargo Bank TR BY AF and Homeward Residential Inc AF, property to IGWT Development Trust, $59,299.00
    Aug. 14: Michael B. and Kathleen Lamade, a property to Patrick and Maria Forlenza, $27,000
    Aug. 14: James J. Roche, Patricia A. Ibach EST and James Joseph Roche EXR, $116,600
    Aug. 15: Robert E. Santee and Norma Santee, a property to David J. C. Nordenhold and Suzanne Nordenhold, $152,000
    Aug. 15: Fannie Mae AKA, Federal National Mortgage Association AKA and Phelan Hallinan LLP, a property to John E Jakubowski, $235,000
    Aug. 20: Angelo and Orisa Figueroa, a property to John Michael and Marie Bearlepp, $90,000
    Aug. 23: Adam M. and Trisha Hill, a property to Paul and Linda Kupchick, $99,900
    Aug. 26: Fannie Mae AKA, Federal National Mortgage Association AKA and KML Law Group, a property to Anthony V. and Melissa Virbitsky, $60,000
    Aug. 28: Glenn and Linda L. Kaempf, a property to Kirk J. Bily, $98,500
    Dreher Township
    Aug. 2: Timothy K. Kelly, a property to Briar Robinson, $45,000
    Aug. 13: Marilyn L. Salyers, a property to John and Desiree Danziger, $3,750
    Aug. 14: Dorothy Schatzger, a property to Stephen D. and Kathleen Pagano, $8,500.00
    Aug. 29: Steve Bognar BY AF and Miklos Bogner AF, a property to Christopher and Linda Stiff, $9,000
    Dyberry Township
    Aug. 14: Barbara Megivern, a property to William C. Joseph Jr. and Kim Phillips, $105,000
    Hawley Borough
    Aug. 1: Natalie Armentani, a property to Michelle and Shawn Frary, $68,000
    Aug. 8: Bonnie A. Bishop and Barry Vasisko, a property to Janos Gabriel, $103,000
    Aug. 8: Jane L. Voigt TR and Kathryn Voigt Trust, a property to Christopher Bednarek, $124,500
    Aug. 19: Silk House, a property to Northeast PA Pet Creamation Services, $120,000
    Page 5 of 10 - Aug. 29: Kathleen M. and David J. Pitti, a property to Kris Veres and Janos Gabriel, $5,500
    Aug. 30: Joseph F. McGinty, Sadra M. Cutler and Kathleen J. McGinty, a property to Shi Ming Guo and Liangyun Huang, $125,000.00
    Honesdale Borough
    Aug. 1: August W. Hahn, Kathryn V. Lucas and Park Hotel & Apartments, a property to Honesdale Park Hotel, $1,000,000
    Aug. 6: TKCCXL lll, a property to PA Tractor LLC and PA Trailer LLC, $4,130,000
    Aug. 7: Kevin R. Olver and Ann Marie Olver, a property to Craig W. and Susan Spewak, $134,500.00
    Aug. 15: Pamela J. Kessler, a property to E. Michael Dux, Kristen G. Dodson and Kristen G. Dux, $270,000
    Aug. 20: Housing & Urban Development, a property to Robert J. Fontana, $70,000
    Aug. 21: Janet E. Meehan By Agent, Janet Leemeehan By Agent, and Robert C. Ferrari, Agent, a property to Edward S. and Cindy A. Renner, $120,000
    Aug. 23: Gayle C. Mandracchia, a property to Jeremy J. and Heidi Patten, $37,000
    Aug. 23: Beth Stephens AKA, Beth Cassel, a property to Dirlam Properties, $260,000
    Aug. 26: Frederick Kindt Toy and Bonnie Jane Brady, a property to Catherine Henry, $110,000
    Aug. 27: Donald G. Stanton, Shirley J. Atanton By Agent, and Donald G. Stanton Agent, a property to Korilynn Grady, $125,000
    Aug. 29: Douglas R. Keen, a property to Todd C. Beatty, $175,000
    Aug. 30: Rudy and Francine Schemitz, a property to Daniel A. Stiefel, $100,000.00
    Aug. 30: Fannie Mae AKA, Federal Nation Mortgage Association AKA and KML Law Group, a property to Kimberly M. McGinnis and Todd R. Williams, $25,000
    Lake Township
    Aug. 6: Barry T. Brooks ADM, Bruce I. Brooks Sr. EST AKA, Bruce I. Brooks EST AKA, and Bruce Brooks, EST AKA, a property to Kasch Homes Inc., $67,000
    Aug. 13: Mauro Zonzini, Amandio L. Teixeira, Manuel F. Ferreira and Jason Capuano, a property to Jodi L. Dunbar, $169,900
    Aug. 14: Dennis J. Benzel, a property to Ronald and Margaret M. Zielinski, $100,000
    Aug. 15: Robert C. Wheat and Catherine A. Wheat, a property to Richard and Cheryl Arnold, $105,000
    Aug. 20: Thomas J. McHugh, a property to Gregory J. and Naomi G. Heller, $135,000
    Page 6 of 10 - Aug. 21: Roman Odes and Nadezda Odes, a property to James R. Pierce and Alyssa Keelen, $174,000
    Aug. 21: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and Daniel A. McGovern, a property to Joseph S. Paciotti, $34,900
    Aug. 22: Jessica Lyn Nurnberger, a property to Joseph J. and Sandra L. Williams, $25,000
    Aug. 23: Joy N. McGee, Charles J. McGee Jr., Elizabeth M. McGee and Cynthia McGee, a property to Robert L Tressler II and Lori K. Muscaro, $122,500
    Aug. 23: Jack M. Horner Jr. and Linda E. Horner, a property to Melanie A. Stanech, $90,000
    Aug. 26: Robert G. and Margaret R. Schade, a property to Ezio and Debra Diani, $144,500
    Aug. 26: Frank and Francine Barkanyi, a property to Shannon Lynn Roupe and Ronald Lee Roupe Jr., $2,200
    Aug. 28: Neil Sherman and Marion Sherman, a property to Benjamin C. Philpott, Marie T. Philpott and Paul J. Philpott, $127,000
    Aug. 29: Sal and Elly Culotta, a property to Mark S. Gambaccini, $831,000
    Aug. 30: Fannie Mae By AF and Grenen & Birsic AF, a property to George and Malka Aronbayev, $75,000
    Aug. 30: Gary and Brooke A. Merring, a property to Carlos Rivera, $137,500
    Lebanon Township
    Aug. 6: Lamade Aliberti Revocable Trust, Kathleen Aliberti TR, Kathleen Lamade TR, and Michael B. Lamade TR, a property to Lawrence Smeen, $267,500
    Lehigh Township
    Aug. 6: Arthur R. and Claire E. Laudenslager, a property to Robert Englemann, $16,000
    Aug. 6: John Spagnoli, a property to Cynthia Malaran, $42,000
    Aug. 6: Donna Marie Leddy, a property to Donna Marie Leddy and Mary McGough, $1.00
    Aug. 8: Gregory A. Thompson and Robin M. Thompson, a property to Michael J. and Barbara Anne Bordieri, $137,000
    Aug. 15: Patricia J. Lentz EST and Richard Carson Lentz EXR, a property to Joseph Insalata, $42,000
    Aug. 16: East Coast Property Group LLC, a property to Joseph & Nelson Associates, $3,325
    Aug. 16: East Coast Property Group LLC, a property to Joseph & Nelson Associates, $3,325
    Aug. 20: Dennis Richman and Regina Ann Richman, a property to Arkadiy and Stella Lazarovich, $22,500
    Aug. 22: Tomasz Kolakowski, a property to Kimlee A. Derr, $3,000
    Aug. 29: Robert S. Malinosky Sr., a property to Jeffrey W. Simons and Jeanette M. Musco, $118,500
    Page 7 of 10 - Aug. 29: Housing & Urban Development, a property to Harry G. Hartman III and Kathleen A. Harman, $67,000
    Manchester Township
    Aug. 8: Donald Clifford, Dina M. Clifford, Anthony Dileonardo and Jeanette Dileonardo, a property to Kenneth R. Thorson, $10,000
    Aug. 22: Paul C. Adam, a property to James and Eleanor Livingston, $2,700
    Aug. 30: Bradley W. Layton and Joann Layton, a property to Thomas D. and Margaret S. Devita, $1,075,000
    Mount Pleasant Township
    Aug. 12: Joan A. Miscavage, a property to John and Meghan L. Magalski, $40,000
    Aug. 15: Catherine M. burke, a property to Brian and Heather Jopp, $130,000
    Aug. 15: John W. and Catherine N. Lewis, a property to Richard and Sally Niles, $79,170
    Aug. 15: John W. and Catherine N. Lewis, a property to Richard and Sally Niles, $82,160.00
    Aug. 28: aymond J. Perham EST and Gomer G. Perham EXR, a property to Hal R. Dunlevy Sr. and Kathy J. Dunlevy, $7,000
    Aug. 30: Joseph P. Malicky, Joyce K. Malicky and Paul E. Malicky, a property to Shane Malicky, $1.00
    Oregon Township
    Aug. 7: Anne Chu and Philippe Jacquet, a property to Gordon M. and Patrice K. Smith, $200,000
    Aug. 8: Issac S. Hurst and Carolyn Z. Hurst, a property to Church of Holy Name Inc., $155,000
    Aug. 30: James T Naizby TR, Bonnie J. Naizby TR, Holly Reynolds TR, Heather Jacobi TR and Naizby Trust, a property to Peter N. and Elizabeth D. Smith, $387,000
    Palmyra Township
    Aug. 1: Fannie Mae AKA, Federal National Mortgage Association AKA and Martha E. Vonrosenstiel, a property to Brielle Emily Haldaman and Scott A. Madole, $81,500
    Aug. 6: Anette C. Erk and Arthur C. Eime, a property to Didder Ridge, $625,000
    Aug. 8: John A. and Michelle D. Pierce, a property to Richard W. Dioguardi, $167,000
    Aug. 13: L. Jeffrey Holmquest and Margaret Rose Holmquest, a property to Gregg Frowell and Beth Rezet, $380,000
    Aug. 15: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TR and Wells Fargo Bank, a property to Jeremy Brock, $50,000
    Aug. 27: Joseph J. and Janice M. Maressa, a property to Carolyn J. Brown and Darren P. Mitchell, $495,000
    Page 8 of 10 - Paupack Township
    Aug. 2: Eric A. and Melissa Hughes, a property to Tammy L. Trabucco, $165,000
    Aug. 6: Coral Wetmore AKA and Coralie Wetmore SKS, a property to Paul M. and Susan E. Defrancesco, $175,000
    Aug. 7: Peter A. and Anna Camaiore, a property to Louis and Cheryl Rabenold, $55,000
    Aug. 8: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and Daniel A. McGovern, a property to Ryan Edwards, $40,000
    Aug. 8: John Seguna, Jacqueline Munoseguna and Jacqueline Munoz Seguna, $11,200
    Aug. 13: Jennifer L. McGarry, a property to Dmitriy Shapiro and Zhanna Reznik, $175,000
    Aug. 13: Carol O’Malley, a property to Benjamin Rahanaev, $10,000
    Aug. 15: Gary Davis and Paul Shive, a property to G M D Ventures, $1.00
    Aug. 16: East Coast Property Group LLC , a property to Joseph & Nelson Associates, $4,150
    Aug. 19: David George Carty, a property to Jason R and Lauren E. Miller, $201,500
    Aug. 20: Alden G. and Ruth D. Lyttle, a property to Chad and Sandy Theesfeld, $118,000
    Aug. 21: Kathleen S. Wilkos, a property to Christopher D. and Laurie A. Winans, $280,000
    Aug. 22: Merle Gene Zimmerman Trust, Norma Constance Zimmerman Trust, Merle Gene Zimmerman TR and Norma Constance Zimmerman TR, a property to Thomas A. and Lisa C. Fisher, $120,000
    Aug. 27: Ronald J. and Ellen Gillespie, a property to Marcia Tolliferreo, $20,000
    Aug. 27: Robert J. and Marie Herterick, a property to Michael Zablocky, Jo Ann Zablocky, Gerald Zablocky and Lucille Zablocky, $225,000
    Aug. 27: SNIP, a property to Robert T. and Kathleen M. Strong, $275,000
    Aug. 29: Andrew R. and Keri A. Hostetler, a property to Drew and Jennifer McElya, $280,000
    Aug. 29: Universal Investments Group, a property to Louis O’Boyle, $395,000
    Aug. 29: Albert W. Plude Jr., a property to Milivoj Krstic, Nada Krstic, Bojan Krstic and Goran Krstic, $170,000
    Preston Township
    Aug. 5: Kathleen Y. Masser and Jacqueline P. Spatola, a property to Jonathan E. and Joann P. Bruford, $229,900
    Aug. 5: Timothy W. and Judith C. Neithardt, a property to Arturo and Cheryl L. Isgro, $121,000
    Aug. 7: Dewitt and Elaine V. Boyce, a property to Jack and Deborah Arnouts, $260,000
    Page 9 of 10 - Aug. 14: James M. and Deborah A. Alexander, a property to Angelo and Dorothea Intorre, $370,000
    Aug. 20: Phillip H. Sims, a property to Phillip H. Sims and Karen O’Connor, $1.00
    Aug. 21: Joseph L. Skurski Jr, a property to David W. Murphy, $92,566.76
    Aug. 21: Joseph L. Skurski Jr. a property to R W Wilson, $115,708.45
    Aug. 29: Alan Lepro TR and Janet P. Lepro Revocable Trust, a property to Joel P. and Patricia A. Bendyk, $115,000
    Salem Township
    Aug. 5: Charles W. and Carol A. Cocores, a property to David and Elizabeth Morin, $120,000
    Aug. 6: Fannie Mae AKA, Federal National Mortgage Association Aka and Phelan Hallinan LLP, a property to Scott Slavinski , $137,500
    Aug. 8: Audrey E. Quickel TR and Audrey E, Quickel Trust, a property to Steven and Lisa Petruska, $150,000
    Aug. 13: Irene and Gregory Schinder, a property to Gary and Theresa Ippolito, $106,000
    Aug. 19: Gregorio and Lisa Gangala, a property to John S. and Eileen L. Reilly, $140,000
    Aug. 20: Brian J. and Danielle M. Blaum, a property to David A. and Nancy Kratz Fioriglio, $130,000
    Aug. 26: Pamela Stoddard, a property to Title Search Specialists, $1.00
    Aug. 26: Joseph D. and Joan Chuisano, a property to Thomas and Jamie Garda, $315,000
    Aug. 30: Timothy O’Keefe EXR, Christine Ingrassia EXR, Gary Francis O’Keefe EST AKA and Francis O’Keefe EST AKA, a property to Joan L. Bowers, $90,000
    Aug. 30: Joanne M. Fortescue, a property to Nicholas and Taryn Siedenburg, $110,000
    South Canaan Township
    Aug. 2: John A. and Karen I. Newhouse, a property to Jimmy Ray and Rosalie Ann Luster, $48,000
    Aug. 19: Mark Strasser, a property to Patrick J. Allen Jr., $180,000
    Aug. 19: Dennis W. and Cheryl King, a property to Joseph and Christine M. Peter, $22,000
    Aug. 20: Renee Rosser, Jacqueline Pettinelli, Richard Pettinelli and Deborah Zalepa, a property to Donald J. Enslin, $45,000
    Aug. 22: Roy T. and Diane B. Estes, a property to Hemlock Road Land Company, $200,000
    Starrucca Borough
    Aug. 21: Joseph L. Skurski Jr, a property to David W. Murphy, $92,566.76
    Page 10 of 10 - Aug. 21: Joseph L. Skurski Jr. a property to R W Wilson, $115,708.45
    Sterling Township
    Aug. 7: Mildred Vonhagen, a property to Christopher and Chelsea Corso, $160,000
    Aug. 7: Howard R. Caretto, Clare D. Caretto AKA and Clare E. Johannessen AKA, a property to Grant A. Kenny and Joseph Kenny, $1.00
    Aug. 7: Howard R. Caretto, Clare D. Caretto AKA, and Clare D. Johannessen AKA, a property to Grant A. Kenny and Joseph Kenny, $1.00
    Texas Township
    Aug. 20: Carol M. Santos AKA, Carol Santos AKA, William Warren and Kathy Florence Bower, a property to Edward Grossman, $28,750
    Aug. 23: Frank G. and Billie T. Henkel, a property to Sandra Brownell, $75,000
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