- The Philadelphia-area born, Brooklyn based performer Nicky Egan is coming to the Silk Mill this Saturday at 7:30 p.m. to promote her second album, 'The 45 Homestead Project.'

"My first album, 'Good People', came out two years ago," she said. "Since then I've been touring a bit and writing a bit."

A graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Egan tours with both her soul band and as a duo, the latter of which is taking the stage Saturday night.

With the duo, she says they perform a lot of the same songs as the full band. Egan, who is primarily a piano player, said the duo does "more stripped down versions." The duo "lets you interpret the song in a little bit of a different way."

This performance will be her first at The Silk Mill and promises to offer a singer songwriter vibe steeped in blues and soul.

"You can do more stripped down versions with an acoustic, so it will definitely be a good mix," she said.

Egan is currently in the middle of releasing her second album, with four songs available for a free download on her website, www.nickyegan.com. She says that the second album while reminiscent of the first does have a different feel to it.

"It's similar to my older stuff, but it is a little more soul focused," she said. "It really hones in on the soul rock genre." Her previous album, showed more of the influence of R&B.

Egan's influences are wide spread, ranging from songstress Joni Mitchell to The Rolling Stones.

"I was influenced by a wide-range of people," she said.

Growing up, her parents listened to The Rolling Stones and Joni Mitchell. Her grandfather was another influence, because "he was a jazz musician in the Army band, so he introduced me to a lot of older stuff." That sound included the voices of Sarah Vaughn and Jackie Wilson.

Not solely based in the past, Egan is also inspired by "so many genres," including the pop and R&B sounds of her generation.

"It's kind of whatever catches my ear. Whether it be a sound or a lyric, and people that are invested in what their doing. That is the most inspiring."

Egan says her live performances are not to be missed.

"We do a mix of favorite stuff and new stuff," she said. "We always have a good time."

Nicky Egan will be performing on Saturday, Sept. 7 in the Boiler Room at the Hawley Silk Mill. Tickets are $16 in advance, $20 at the door. To purchase tickets, visit www.silkmillharmony.com.

To download Egan's second album, visit www.nickyegan.com or to learn more, visit www.facebook.com/nickyeganmusic.