The dictionary says of rhetoric, "The undue use of exaggeration or display; bombast."


The dictionary says of rhetoric, "The undue use of exaggeration or display; bombast."

Most of us probably don't even use the term in our daily lives. It's just not something which crosses our minds.

Unfortunately, those people who have been put in charge in the country, including on the local level, live by the term.

Using rhetorical terms is the standard for politicians and those who are in power.

And it's not limited to Washington.

How many times have your heard local politicians say they are going to create jobs?


How many times do they come through on such promises?

Very few.

Instead, we hear through the grapevine that some local politicians were involved in a deal which actually stopped a gun manufacturer from coming to Wayne County. The reason: they wanted an outlandish sum of money for land already paid for by the taxpayers.

It appears congratulations goes to Pike County for being realistic about obtaining a new business.

That is just one example.

On a national level, the rhetoric continues to fly while, as one writer on this page put it today, Rome continues to burn.

But why is Rome burning?

Depending on your point of view, it's one party or the other.

The truth is, both parties are engaged in rhetoric.

From terms like "job creators" to "burdensome regulations," it never seems to stop.

Instead of living in a state of reality, these rhetorical masters do nothing but point the finger at the other side, all the while doing nothing to fix any of our problems.

Take the Syrian crisis, for example.

First, the President said he was willing to go it alone and intervene in the civil war.

Then, after the Brits balked, many members of Congress said they wanted some kind of say in any action.

So the President put the ball back in their court and now others are screaming that was the wrong thing to do.

It appears neither side can come to any kind of agreement and it's likely to end in disaster no matter what happens.

This is just one of dozens of issues facing this country in which nothing is getting done or is likely to get done.

We do need some sanity on college loans. We do need to fix our troubled immigration system. We do need to make sure the Wall Street barons are put in check. We do need a decision on natural gas development. We do need to address our infrastructure disaster in this country.

The list is almost endless.

Yet all we get goes back to the rhetoric which our elected officials don't hesitate to use whether it's on the floor of the Congress or in the halls of the courthouse.

Meanwhile, the hard working people of this country, including Wayne County, are left waiting for something positive to happen.

They could be waiting a long time.

It's time for our elected leaders to toss out their pre-arranged talking points and begin speaking in plain terms. It's also time for them to compromise for the sake of the people and not the sake of them keeping their great jobs with great benefits.

Until that happens, we will all continue to suffer.