So you think you can pick football games better than some local experts, huh?

So you think you can pick football games better than some local experts, huh?

Well, that may be the easiest thing you do each week.

And that's why you should enter our weekly "Pigskin Pick 'Em" football contest which is featured in The Wayne Independent.

Not only will you be able to prove you are much wiser than our local panel of experts, you can win a prize, as well! Each week, the winner takes home $50 in cash.

(We must admit, beating the local "experts" might not prove so difficult, however, it's always fun to win a prize.)

The weekly contest is featured in each Wednesday edition of The Wayne Independent. The rules are very simple.

Cut out the entry form from the newspaper and then choose the teams you think are going to win that week. Either mail the entries back in or bring them to our office at 220 8th Street in Honesdale to enter. Entries must be received by the end of business each Friday.

And then let the games begin!

Each week we will tally the entries and a winner will be crowned. A tiebreaker appears on the form so make sure you fill that out to have a chance to win in case of a tie.

Once the winner is determined, it will be announced on Wednesdays at 8:45 a.m. on Classic Hits 105.3. Sports editor Kevin Edwards and editor Greg Little join with the "Classic Hits Squad" consisting of George Schmitt, Tim Downs and Mickey Uzeps to discuss the previous week's fumbles and to prognosticate for the upcoming week. There might even be discussions outside of football, be it Miley Cyrus or world peace, you just have to tune in to find out.

This year's experts include Little and Edwards, the reigning champions who pulled away at the end last year with their expert and secret system of choosing the right games; the Classic Hits Squad which is still reeling from what transpired last year even though it's obvious their prowess was just not up to par; Tom Fasshauer of Arts for Him who valiantly sends in his picks but came up short in his initial season last year; the Honesdale National Bank crew — Brian Wilken, Mark Graziadio and Ron Sebastianelli — who also faithfully send in their calculated picks but have yet to take home the gold; the Elegante crew, Ernie and Joe, who we affectionately refer to as "Bert and Ernie," another team which has some sort of secret formula, but obviously not as good as their food; and the duo at Stanton Office Equipment, Fred and Dave, who are rejoining the fray after spending a year on the injured reserve list last season.

"This is a great contest and we encourage everyone to get involved," said Little. "We think it is fun for the entire community and hope everyone enjoys themselves this year."

Turn to Page A12 for this week's lid-lifter of the contest and fill out the form today!

This year's sponsors for the contest are Arts for Him, No Limits, Elegante, Honesdale National Bank and Motion Physical Therapy. The Wayne Independent and Bold Gold Media also team up to promote the contest.