Local shows cow at fair

The 96th Annual Greene Dreher Sterling (GDS) Fair is taking place this week, and that means youngsters will be showing off their animals, which is always a popular event.

Hailey Wasman, 5 of Lake Ariel, was all smiles during the Livestock Dairy Showmanship and Fitting on Wednesday, as she showed off her four month old cow, Tinker Bell.

She also has a cow named Rosetta that is three months old.

"I love to take care of them and give them love and feed them" she said.

Since she is too young to join 4-H yet (the minimum age is eight), Hailey is simply getting experience and is entered as an individual.

This is the second year she has shown animals at the GDS Fair. Hailey has also participated in the Wayne County Fair, but for now she can only enter the open class.

"I put in crafts," Hailey said. "I've put in painted objects and play-doh objects."

Hailey said her favorite things about the fair are riding the rides and "showing my pigs and cows." Her younger sister has two pigs at the GDS Fair.

"Tinker Bell was here last year," she said. "You can tell because she grew. Her hair grew in."

Hailey had more reasons to smile than just being at the fair. She had won a first place and a second place ribbon in the Dairy Showmanship and Fitting.

"I'm excited I won," she said.

She got a second place for fitting, which is how clean the cow looks. Her first place was from being judged for the type of cow and how it looks.

Hailey can add these ribbons to the ones she got last year.

"I have a whole space for the awards," she said. "I have one side for each cow."

Her mom said it's a good part of "learning responsibility to animals." She also emphasized that win or lose, it's supposed to be fun.

Hailey said that the animals are raised at her grandparents' house.

"When they're in the pen I tie them up," Hailey said. "I love them. I love chasing them around and playing with them."

She added that the cows are very playful.

"They can play tag," she said with a giggle. "They stay still. I tie them up and then play tag."

Hailey said she loves bringing the animals to the fair.

When she is old enough she will join 4-H. Hailey already has some ideas of what animals she would also like to take care of.

"I want to have goats, chickens and rabbits," she said. "I like the shows and being with the animals."

The fair will run until Sept. 1.