Dan and Jill Droppa opened Aldenville Archery last fall, and are encouraging archers of all ages to come and take a shot.

- Dan and Jill Droppa opened Aldenville Archery last fall, and are encouraging archers of all ages to come and take a shot.

The range is attached to Aldenville Log and Lumber, which is located at 936 Creek Drive in Prompton. "We saw a need for something like this in the area," he said. The range is a 28 yard indoor range that is National Archery in the School Program (NASP) certified and 4-H certified.

The facility offers a 3-D pop-up range and a video archery system, Dan said. "We have pop-up animals that stay up for 15 second intervals," he added. The animals an archer can aim for include game animals like turkeys and deer and the more obscure alligator. "It really is quite challenging."

The video archery portion offers marksman the opportunity to sharpen their skills while earning points for their shot.

"We have over 1,100 different scenarios," Dan said, that include an African safari. The specially tipped arrows "are fired right at the screen and stick to it." Points are tallied by the computer which allows for friendly competition.

The facility also has a balcony area that has seating for those waiting for an archer to finish. "Archers can also shoot from the balcony down on the range to simulate shooting from a tree stand," he said.

For the child interested in 4-H, the Archery Club is still accepting applications until September 7. The enrollment fee is $11 for the 12-week course and should be made payable to Wayne County 4-H. There are also no weekly dues and bows are available to rent for $5 per week. A Genesis bow and arrows will be available to purchase for those interested.

"We also received a new prize for the 4-H kids," Droppa said. During the open house held last weekend, President of Winchester Archery Jim Barber made a visit. Barber also donated a complete youth outfit as a prize for the 4-H participants.

"We are so grateful for it," he said. "The kids are so excited to win it." The outfit up for grabs is either a Winchester Destiny compound bow, which comes pink in color, or a Winchester Thunderbolt.

The range also has bow tech James Matos available to retune or fix bows if necessary and help with any questions. "We also recommend the Wallenpaupack Sports Shop and Hunter's Gallery for archers as well."

In the coming months, the range will also be having fun theme events for children. Around Halloween, there will be a zombie night that is appropriate for children. "They will be shooting cartoon monsters," he said. There will also be a pumpkin shoot in the fall. "The kids will get to decorate their own pumpkin," he said. "Then they will get to shoot at it."

Also upcoming is a "Hunger Games" themed event, where the archers will shoot at targets to earn points. The difficulty of the target increases as the archer advances. "We really want to emphasize the fun aspect instead of focusing so much on competition," he said.

Droppa also said the range is also accepting donations of any bows. "We'll have our bow tech fix and repair them to make it useable," he said. "We have a lot of kids without bows who would really like to shoot." Aldenville Archery also offers a tax deductible certificate for every donation. Bows can be donated by bringing them to the range during business hours.

Instruction is available for both children and adults at the range, which is open nightly from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Spots are still open in the adult league. Anyone interested in joining the 4-H Archery Club or an adult league should call the office of Aldenville Log and Lumber at 570-785-3141 between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Find Aldenville Archery on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AldenvilleArchery to stay up to date with upcoming events at the range.