It's hard to believe, but school is about to start once again in Wayne County.

It's hard to believe, but school is about to start once again in Wayne County.

It seems like it was just yesterday when students could be seen jumping for joy as school ended for the summer. Because of Superstorm Sandy and many snow days, the students were pushed way into June this year.

And now, they are about to head back to the classrooms for yet another year.

Though the students might moan and groan, it is the time of year when things come alive in communities all across this region and around the nation.

Hopes and dreams can be seen in the faces of the students. Whether it's the young kindergarten student entering school for the first time, a sixth grader about to take the plunge where there are lockers and changing of classes or seniors entering their final year of high school, the looks are unmistakable.

It's also true that for parents, time seems to march on more quickly with each passing year. For some, it seems like it was just yesterday when their son was the wide-eyed kindergarten student and now he is the sleepy-eyed senior trying to figure out what will happen once this year ends.

But the students aren't the only ones facing excitement and anxiety when heading back to school.

Teachers, too, are almost certainly a little nervous as the school year resumes.

For some, they will see brand new, tiny little faces in their classrooms. They will be the first to shape the hopes and dreams of these young, vulnerable students.

For others, they have watched for several years as students have grown and matured as they prepare themselves for the next steps in life.

Either way, it's an awesome responsibility and one which should not be take lightly. They have a lot of responsibility and it's certainly a major task

Teachers are charged with a lot of duties these days, many more than in years past. However, they are also able to utilize many different tools, unlike the past.

From the internet to much more personal interaction with students, the face of education has changed in this country over the years — much of it for the better.

Another important aspect of school going back into session is just how many more vehicles will be on the road each weekday. Buses and cars will be clogging up the roadways and backups at traffic lights will once again be the norm for each and every day.

We can't stress enough about safety on the roadways.

Crosswalks across the county will be filled with students who are heading to school. They will be walking along sidewalks and some will be crossing roads where they shouldn't.

That means drivers have to use extra caution when navigating the roadways during the school year. Use extra caution when you are behind the wheel because students can sometimes be unpredictable.

The last thing anyone wants to see happen is for a tragedy to take place involving a school student in our region.

For people of all ages, the start of a new school year brings many emotions. Whether it's an excited grandparent looking forward to going to a school play or high school athletes who strive for the ultimate goal, the emotions run high this time of year.

Whatever your connection, we sincerely wish everyone the best of luck this school year. There will be highs and lows for all involved but for the most part, positive will come out of yet another school year.