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  • The following are the Marriage Licenses and Divorce Decrees were issued at the Wayne County Courthouse, Honesdale, during the month of July 2013.
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  • The following are the Marriage Licenses and Divorce Decrees were issued at the Wayne County Courthouse, Honesdale, during the month of July 2013.
    Marriage Licenses
    David John Royle and Susan Jane Moranno
    Jacob Austin Bauserman and Mary Frances Langendoerfer
    Edward Michael Dux and Kristen Gail Dodson
    Bentley Leroy Mead Jr. and Christy Ann Miller
    Ethan Gregory Wallis and Britanny Ann Smith
    Ryan Thomas Jones and Corrie Elizabeth Sell
    Patrick Lawrence Schmitt and Jessica Lynn Smith
    Samuel Frank Griffiths and Raven Ann Wilmarth
    Gregory W. Kovaleski Jr. and Amanda Lynne Kulick
    Scott Joseph Fiebiger and Jaimie Marie Frisbie
    Shawn Michael Cherinchak and Rheanna Raye Skelton
    Karl Roland Spoerri and Raka Alena Nuernberger
    Brian David Gyle and Kayla Marie Christina
    James Allen Bailor Jr. and Mary Elizabeth Martin
    Kory Kevin Latourette and Brooke Nicole Henderson
    James Robert Maurer and Trudy Mae Marshall
    Alexander Porfirio Bertot and Colleen Anne Gombita
    John Joseph Scott and Jennifer Lynne Kopcza
    Robert Joe Benedict and Melissa Jeanne O’Reilly
    Keith Michael Shaffer and Melanie Rose Simms
    Daryl Ray Gebhardt and Anne Catherine Gregory
    Joachim Karlheinz Goff and Laura Ann Harris
    Ronald Joseph Barillo Jr. and Kelly Ann Kasper
    Jacob Thomas Herringer and Harley Ann Branning
    John Todd Vinton and Maureen Ann Bunting
    Michael Joseph Gribble and Kasey Marie Phillips
    Joseph Robert Woody Jr. and Sarah Leigh Houman
    Ricky Earl Cosgrove Jr. and Melissa Marie Ciccone
    John George Swetts and Jacquelyn Elizabeth Randall
    Page 2 of 9 - • Bryan Andrew Perez and Yamill Mary Bonilla
    Robert Ray Cordner and Lori Ann Wade
    Glann Landes Shive and Anne Rosamunde Carver
    Christopher Quinton Eason and Gina Joanne Dagostino
    Divorce Decrees
    Donna M. Sherrer vs. James R. Sherrer Jr.
    Francie Faun Gilchrist AKA vs. Roger Brinkerhoff
    Thomas Dickson vs. Judith Ann Dickson
    Richard W. Roesing III vs. Ralitsa I. Roesing
    Amy H. Betz NKA Amy Lynn Houm vs, Ricahard E. Betz
    Sylvia M. Betts vs. Donald Ray Betts
    Kim Emmet Manoy NKA Emmet vs. James r. Manoy
    Catherine Kellyn NKA Vonderhey vs. Michael A. Kelly
    Eric Orr vs. Holly Orr
    Dolores Wallace vs. Timothy Lee Wallace
    Edward C. Hook vs. Doris H. Hook
    Debra C. Swaney Ramos NKA vs, Peter H. Ramos
    Jacquelyn Slifko vs. Matthew Slifko
    Jason M. Shaffer vs. Elizabeth M. Shaffer
    Sandra Maxson vs. George Maxson
    Russell D. Cole vs. Madalen Cole NKA Garofalo
    Lisa Ryder Labar vs. George Labar
    Jennifer Bender vs. Wilmer Bender
    Tara D. Marsella-Bennett NKA vs. James H Bennett III
    Thomas Denardo vs. Kelly Denardo
    Joseph M. Bortree vs. Maria A. Bortree
    Property Deed Transfers
    The following property transfers for the Month of July, 2013 were recorded in the Wayne County Courthouse, Honesdale, PA. Abbreviations used are as follows: EXR: Executor; AF: Attorney-in-fact; TR: Trustee and ADM: Administrator.
    Berlin Township
    July 2: Lee G. and Melissa A. Brown, a property to Brendan and Alka Barnes, $162,000
    July 11: Christopher M. and Kelly R Heffron, a property to Joshua and Kristen L. Schell, $235,000
    Page 3 of 9 - July 12: Craig A. Olver TR, Janet Olver TR, Craig A. Olver Revocable Trust, a property to Michael J. Green, Lindsey E. Bayley, $154,000
    July 15: Margaret Evans EXR, Susan Lane ESR AKA and Susan M. Lane EST AKA, a property to Matthew R. Eisele, 195,000
    July 15: Raymond V. Kartanowicz, a property to Noelia Cecelia Parker, $60,000
    July 18: John D. Mulligan ADM, Kevin Thomas Mulligan EST AKA and Kevin T. Mulligan EST AKA, a property to Julie R. Kuen, $121,025
    July 19: Larry E. Prather, Tambra Baker Prather and Tambrabakerprather, a property to John D. and Sherri B. Schultz, $28,000
    July 22: Philip R. Marino, Cheryl W. Marino, Glen Juresich and Mary Ann Juresich, a property to Seven Zero Orchard Hill Apartments, $150,000
    July 23: Peter S. Lazzeri Jr., a property to David W. Slater, $35,000.00
    July 26: Cyrus J. Arnold, a property to Douglas A. and Maureen Kron, $140,000
    July 30: Anthony C. and Jo Ann C. Frigoletto , a property to Steven and Carly Propst, $190,000
    July 31: Daniel J. McGovern EXR and Linda L. Kolenut EST, a property to Jason E. Miszler, $115,000
    Buckingham Township
    July 3: Carol Jellett Tr, Kurt Jellett Revocable Living Trust and Elizabeth M. Jellett Revocable Living Trust, a property to Sherri Resti, $165,000
    July 5: Donna R. Walser, Donna Walser Wallace and William S. Wallace Jr., a property to Michael A. and Diana L. Bonse, $2,000
    Canaan Township
    July 18: Matthew R. and Sarah F. Madden, a property to Jeffrey E Fitzsimons and Ann Marie Nebzydoski, $112,000
    Cherry Ridge Township
    July 1: Michael and Linda A. Notarangelo, a property to Rory McGhie and Casey McGhie, $160,000
    July 9: Jacob G. and Teresa g. Rowe, a property to Christopher M. and Kelly R. Heffron, $360,000
    July 9: Chandra and Leonard F. Peeters, a property to Chester M. and Bernadette O’Connell, $40,000
    July 16: Warren G. Lahr, a property to Michael L. and Tammy M. Schmoyer, $65,000
    July 19: Kristin E. and Michael A. Erbach, a property to Ryan C. Schuler and Sara E. Else, $160,000
    July 24: Leroy N. and Patricia A. Spoor, a property to Robert Gulyas, JR., $151,000
    Page 4 of 9 - Clinton Township
    July 2: Joyce Rhinesmith, a property to Christopher A. and Katherine Petrilak, $137,000
    July 18: Durrell Richard and Ewa Gaddis, a property to Kurt M. and Arden S. Maier, $400,000
    July 19: Andrew and Justine Burrell, a property to Richard M. and Nicole Turano, $132,975.
    July 29: Edward and Diane Planinsek, a property to Alan T. Boyles, $34,000
    Damascus Township
    July 1: Creative Solutions Properties, a property to Joseph and Amber Infantino, $233,900
    July 2: Paula L. Heiser and Ada E. Rahl, a property to Jeremy and Holly L. Gries, $35,000
    July 3: Robert A. Ranieri Jr. and Jessica Ranieri, a property to Darryl B. and Lucille M. Forsythe, $135,000
    July 9: Francis J. Dooley and Linda J. Dooley, a property to Barry G. and Regina M. Anfang, $125,000
    July 9: Terry S. Hanson, a property to Michael G. Chopek Jr. $95,000
    July 10: Ronald L. Wood, a property to Marilyn Joan Sheridan TR and Marilyn J. Sheridan Living Trust, $85,000
    July 11: William S. Penn, a property to Theron M. and Chelsea B. Latourette, $40,000
    July 26: Michael B. and Dawn E. Roloson and Michael L. Roloson, a property to Richard Cole, $26,000
    July 29: Leroy A. and Jennifer Canfield, a property to Thomas R. Ripelle, $150,500
    Dreher Township
    July 5: Charles and Judith Olsommer, a property to Stewart Kelly, $22,500
    July 8: Fannie Mae AKA Federal National Mortgage Association AKA and KML Law Group, a property to Brenda L. Carey, 41,000
    July 10: JKJK Enterprises Inc., a property to Edward G. Csikortos, $200,000
    July 10: Bonnie McDonnell AKA, Bonnie Sommerfield AKA and Bonnie Matthews, a property to Jeff Taisey, $3,000
    July 19: Ann M. Porroveccho, a property to L & M Enterprises Inc., $1,053.31
    Dyberry Township
    July 19: Bank of New York Mellon TR BY AF and Bank of America AF, a property to Katherine Krupa, $298,900
    July 24: Paul Charles Gombita Sr. and Carol Gombita, a property to John Klinkiewicz, $54,000
    July 29: Charles W. and Marybelle a. Schultz, a property to Steven V. Bowling Sr. and Tracey V. Bowling, $121,500
    Page 5 of 9 - Hawley Borough
    July 3: Fannie Mae AKA, Federal National Mortgage Association AKA and Phelan Hallinan LLP, a property to Justin F. Genzlinger, $72,000
    July 11: Alvin F. and Judith A. Myers, a property to Maria Craciuna, $130,000
    July 26: Udo Schlemmer, a property to First Presbyterian Church of Hawley, $162,500
    July 31: Wayne Bank, a property to Marcia Jozanovic, $48,000
    Honesdale Borough
    July 1: Adskans Inc., Stephen Daley and Angela Daley, a property to Four Five Brown Street Corporation, $140,000.00
    July 2: Cox & Co. Inc., a property to Myrna F. Zielinski, $151,000.00
    July 3: Alan Ghidaleson, a property to One Seven Four Four East Street, $81,500.00
    July 18: Stanley A. and Susan L.Winters, a property to Jacqueline Abrams, $335,000
    July 25: Laura Drake EXR and Bruce Allen Drake Sr., EST, a property to Marie A. Wilcha, $142,000.00
    July 29: Dale Pepper EXR, Susan Knickerbocker EXR, Gerard E. Pepper EST AKA, Gerard Pepper EST AKA, a property to Matthew James and Jessica Teresa Schofield, $90,000
    Lake Township
    July 1: Daniel W. Hazen and Gary L. Hazen, a property to Cindy Hubbard, $120,000
    July 1: Michael Trend and Denise Trend, a property to Charles P and Diane L. Glasser, $108,000
    July 8: Scott A. Black EST Aka, Scott Black EST AKA and Ralph T. Black ADM & IND, a property to Deborah A. Skelton, $1.00
    July 9: John S. Miller, a property to Wayne L. Audibert II, $117,000
    July 15: William A. and Susan L. Broadhurst, a property to Ronald B. and Ina S. Finkelstein, $290,000
    July 16: Fannie Mae AKA, Federal National Mortgage Association AKA and Phelan Hallinan L L P , a property to Dmitriy and Yakov Gutkin, $59,500
    July 19: Muriel Sestanovich, a property to Harry Papazian and Michael Margarella, $1.00
    July 22: Michael A and Sally Wilson Huffstutler and Sally Wilsonhuffstutler, a property to Steven W. and Leann M. Wash, $500
    July 23: Robert J. Jeffery Jr., Mary Ellen Jeffery, Peter M. Jeffery and Allyson M. Jeffery, a property to CJL Property Holdings, $311,500
    July 26: Mary Brown, a property to Antonio Robertiello, $95,000
    Page 6 of 9 - July 26: Edward A. Smith Sr. and Ernest Olson, a property to Robert Clemens, Roti Clemens and Bonnie Testa, $190,000
    July 26: Bonnie Testa, a property to Mary E. Brown, $118,000
    July 26: Barbara A. Corey and Kenneth Corey, a property to Sean McPhillips and Paulina M. McPhillips, $110,000
    July 29: John C. Freitag and Diane M. Freitag, a property to Richard and Elizabeth Yocum, $125,000
    Lehigh Township
    July 1: July 1: Land Liquidator LLC, a property to Somerset Regional Water LLC, $15,000
    July 5: Frances L. McClay, a property to Carol Urban and Korine Behler, $4,000
    July 9: Shawn Simmons and Katrina Simmons, a property to Philip Paolino and Anna Paolino, $3,500
    July 15: Richard L. and Louise M. Snyder, a property to Greg and Karen Everman, $3,000
    July 15: Andrew J. Kelemen, a property to Diane M. Cross, $1.00
    July 15: Andrew J. Kelemen Jr., a property to Diane M. Cross, $1.00
    July 19: Sean P. and Annette McMonagle, a property to Kimberlee A. and Bradley J. Degler, $50,000
    July 23: Jennifer A. Dicks, a property to David C. Hadden, $6,000
    July 26: Timothy Crowley, a property to Michael and Brenda Amato, $1.00
    July 26: Timothy Crowley, a property to Michael and Brenda Amato, $1.00
    July 29: Andrew J. Kelemen Jr., a property to Archie Peterson and Tara Anello, $500
    July 30: Joanne M. Churnetski, a property to Deborah Grabenstetter, $10,000
    Manchester Township
    July 9: Edward C. Sweet and Donald J. Gebert Jr., a property to Donald J. Gebert Jr., $1.00
    July 12: Theresa Marion EXR and Vito F. Leto EST, a property to Michael Falcone, $19,000
    Mount Pleasant
    July 10: Belmont corners volunteer Fire Company Inc. and Pleasant Mount Emergency Services Inc. a property to Nicholas and Kristin R. Nebzydoski, $120,000
    Oregon Township
    July 31: Robert Lastarza Jr. IND & EXR, David Lastarza IND & EXR, Michael Lastarza IND & EXR, Cecelia E. Lastarza EST AKA and Cecelia Lastarza EST AKA, a property to James W. and Carolyn S. Anderson, $167,500
    Palmyra Township
    Page 7 of 9 - July 15: Czeslaw Jarwowski and Jolanta Karwowski, a property to John J. and Iwona Hamerle, $227,500.00
    July 26: Springleaf Financial Services of PA Inc., a property to Richard J. Caridi, $80,000
    Paupack Township
    July 1: James S. Gates and Jolynn M. Gates, a property to William R. and Nancy L. Carlson, $108,500
    July 1: Elizabeth Moffitt EXR, Carol Falcinelli EXR and John R. Falcinelli EST, a property to James s. and Angela M. Crackel, $229,000
    July 8: Dorothy Vollmer, a property to Charles P. and Judy Reisel, $164,000
    July 9: Sarah Coleman, a property to Patrick and Kimberly Touhey, $4,000.00
    July 9: Marcos Hanlon and Dolores H. Hanlon, a property to Michael V. and Donna Quagliana, $242,500.00
    July 11: Andrew J. Lemaire Sr., and Jo Anne Lemaire, a property to Kevin J. and Patricia O. Whitehead, $460,000
    July 11: Edward Jannicelli and Jennie Jannicelli, a property to Jeremy M. Walsh, $241,000
    July 11: Richard Wohlrab, Leslie Wohlrab, James J. Wohlrab, Thomas J. Wohlrab, Diane Vradenburgh, Wayne Vradenburgh and Nicholas A. Barna, a property to John and Beth Casola, $152,500
    July 15: Keith J. and Parris Brokaw, a property tot Robert and Tami Rothe, $115,000
    July 18: Clark S. and Barbara L. Gruman, a property to Eric Anton and Melissa J. Hughes, $275,000
    July 25: Donal B. Geils TR, Katherine Geils TR, Geils Living Trust, Stephanie M. Turpin , James R. Scullin and David Scullin, a property to Joseph A. and Kimberly A. Kryzan, $530,000
    July 26: Katherine Gansell, a property to Gregory and Susan Thives, $212,500
    July 26: Paul Pfeufer and Margaret M. Pfeufer, a property to Francis J. Conforti and Kimberly A. Conforti, $445,000
    July 26: Peter and Susan Freshour, a property to Walter Dobushak and Harriet Loizeaux, $235,000
    July 26: Richard A, and Darleen Fontana, a property to Clementina Macchi and Michael Donofio, $265,000
    July 26: Candace Lee Papieredin and Douglas E. Anderson II, a property to Edward J. Mandrik Jr. and Janine D. Mandrik, $25,000
    July 30: James Ferrier and Beacon Properties, a property to Eva M. Flannery, $300.00
    Preston Township
    July 15: Barbara J. Willis, Robert B. Spencer and Charles A. spencer, aproperty to Nathaniel A. and Lucretta S. Sealy, $75,000
    Page 8 of 9 - July 29: Paul E. Jones, a property to Shawyn Olson and Shawyn Olsoncorbett, $95,400
    Salem Township
    July 1: John T. Shearer Jr., John T Shearer Jr. Agent, and Elaine K. Shearer BY Agent, a property to Frederick w. and Michelle A. Doscher, $168,000
    July 3: Nancy A. Gill, a property to Stephen P. and Pattianne M. Belfield, $320,000
    July 3: Five Nine Zero Industrial Park, a property to Salvatore Culotta, $1.00
    July 3: Michael J. and Dolores Opsasnick and Michael N. Opsasnick, a property to Neil Squillante, Lisa Deegansquillante and Lisa Deegan Squillante, $134,000
    July 5: Joseph R. and Carol A. Jardon, a property to Anthony A. and Christine M. Scalzi, $162,000
    July 15: Karl P. and Anita Schwarz, a property to Robert A. Barbine and Frances A. Hudecek, $127,650
    July 17: Jeffrey R. Solar EXR and Frederick J. Kirkpatrick EST, a property to Michael Oakes and Carole Slotterback, $5,000
    July 19: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TR and Wells Fargo Bank, a property to Jonathan Ohora, $50,000
    July 24: Janet L. Cuzzolino, a property to Karen A. Burns, $120,000
    July 24: Anthony F and Toni Salerno, a property to Gerard M Boney and Marie E. Smedley, $165,000
    July 26: John E and Teresa V. Kelly, a property to Theodore J. Keenan and Garrett Keenan, $91,000
    July 29: John W. Carney and Bonnie L. Carney, a property to Charles R. Fenstermaker Jr and Donna M. Fenstermaker, $199,900
    July 30: Alvin W. and Nancy S. Hollister, a property to Edmund F. Tochydlowski Jr and Lori A. Tochydlowski , $30,000
    July 31: US Bank national Association TR BY AF and Residential Funding Company LLC AF, a property to Scott R. Kenney, $18,000
    Scott Township
    July 9: Fannie Mae BY AF and first American Title Insurance Company AF, a property to E H Pooled Investments L P, $32,500
    July 26: John V. Grabbe and Jennifer A. Grabbe, a property to Henry L. and Margaret F. Luth, $35,000
    South Canaan Township
    July 26: Pensco Trust Company and George Serniak I R A, a property to George Serniak, $1.00
    Starrucca Borough
    July 30: Susan Wyler, a property to Timothy Brewer, $176,667.96
    Page 9 of 9 - July 3: Dutch flats Corporation, a property to Ronald H. and Janel L. Miesell, $30,000.00
    July 29; Larry A. and Janis A. Colin, a property to John and Elizabeth Rizzo,$185,000
    July 29: Norbert Milczar, a property to Slawomir S. Jamiokowski and Teresa, Jamiokowski, $158,000
    Texas Township
    July 24: Isabella R. Gorman EST AKA, Isabella Gorman EST AKA, Theresa E. Cardile EXR and Theresa E. Fulkerson EXR, a property to Kevin R. and Carla Lebrecht, $158,000
    July 30: Wayne Tigue, a property to Corrado Decandido, $10,000
    Waymart Borough
    July 10: Paul and James Kennedy, a property to Roy Swingle, $22,000
    July 22: Evelyn Bridges, a property to David M. Butrim, $100,000
    July 24: Wells Fargo Bank TR BY AF, and reverse Mortgage solutions Inc. AF, a property to Meredith L. and Paul D. Wilson, $45,000
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