Construction projects topped Tuesday night's committee meeting of the Wayne Highlands School Board.

— Construction projects topped Tuesday night's committee meeting of the Wayne Highlands School Board.

Superintendent Greg Frigoletto said most of the construction projects during the summer are completed or nearing completion.

That includes a paving project at the middle school and district office area, he said.

Also, the fire alarm upgrades at the middle school and district office "should be done" by the start of school, he said.

Frigoletto noted that if it is not complete, the contractor has agreed to finish the work in the evenings or on weekends in order not to disrupt school, which is scheduled to start on Aug. 26.

He said the roof project at Preston School is also nearing completion and there were "no real surprises on what they found."

Also at Preston, he said the tennis court project is being completed. It has been paved and stripes are now being put on the courts.

"The big projects for the summer have been successful," said Frigoletto.

He said in touring the buildings and seeing the progress, he feels Wayne Highlands offers top-quality facilities.

"We should be proud of the facilities we offer our students and community," said Frigoletto.

Business manager Jeff Firmstone noted that sports practices began in earnest on Monday and the fields were full of athletes.

"It is good to see the kids back," said Firmstone.

Board member Lothar Holbert asked Frigoletto about future projects which have been discussed.

The board recently secured additional bonds at a low interest rate to target such projects.

Those include various proposed projects at Honesdale High School. They include the library, band room, choral room and the main office and entry areas.

"We will be pursuing those for a later date," said the superintendent.

Dual enrollment

Honesdale High School Principal Diane Scarfalotto said she has reached an agreement with Lackawanna College for a dual enrollment program.

The program was actually initiated by Frigoletto several years ago when he was high school principal.

However, it was noted the state used to fund the program but those funds dried up.

Now, students have to pay for the credits, but as Scarfalotto pointed out, it is at a very reduced rate.

Juniors and seniors in the top 50 percent are eligible to apply for dual enrollment. What that means is they can earn college credits through Lackawanna. Students can earn three college credits for just $375. There are various classes which are eligible.

"We are in the process of sending letters out to eligible students," said the principal.

In addition, there will be five classes available at Honesdale High School which will qualify for the dual enrollment program. Those classes will be taught by HHS teachers.

Frigoletto said the college had to certify that the courses are eligible. He said they are "rigorous," and thus qualified.

"I think it is a good idea for students to leave high school with college credits in the bank," said Frigoletto.

"It's a really nice option for our kids," said Scarfalotto.

The board voted unanimously to pass the agreement.

In other business:

• The board watched a brief video about "Rachel's Challenge," a program which is going to be introduced into the school system this year.

It's a program named after the first person who was killed in the Columbine High School shootings.

"This is a great tool district wide to encourage kids to think," said Frigoletto.

The program targets a wide range of topics including bullying, suicide prevention and drug abuse.

• Assistant superintendent Tim Morgan told the board the teacher mentoring program is in place and was to start this week.

There are two levels of mentoring — one for teachers who are new to the district and to the profession and another for teachers who are new to the district or are changing schools.

The program orients the teachers to the district.

"It gives them a far greater chance for success," said Morgan of the program.