The weekend package of the The Wayne Independent will have even more to offer starting this Saturday.

Starting this weekend, PARADE will come in weekend editions from now on.

The regular weekend package will stay the same, with the inclusion of American Profile, Spry, Athlon and Relish.

The Saturday edition will also continue to offer various other inserts, which include Kmart, the NEPA Clipper, Weis and CVS.

Also included with PARADE is the food and recipe magazine DASH.

DASH offers readers a monthly installment of recipes from the pages of Bon Appetit, Gourmet and


The magazine, with a circulation of 33 million and a readership of 63 million, has been in publication since 1941. At that time, it carried the subtitle of "The Weekly Picture Newspaper," and by the end of 1942 was carried by 16 newspapers.

Editor Jess Gorkin joined forces with Motley on December 9, 1946 and developed PARADE’s unique “on-the-news” approach, which contributed to the magazine’s success. Not only did PARADE stay on top of the news, but as in the case of Gorkin’s proposal for a Washington-Moscow Hotline, it very often created it.

Some of PARADE’s most enduring features are its weekly columns. “Walter Scott’s Personality Parade,” the Q&A feature that focuses on celebrity and politics, launched in 1958 and is still one of the most popular columns in print. PARADE’s “Intelligence Report” was first published in 1960. The celebrity profile column, “In Step With…” by James Brady, began in January 1986 and ended in February 2009 after Brady’s death. “Ask Marilyn”, written by Marilyn vos Savant, who is listed in the “Guinness Book of World Records Hall of Fame” as the person with the world’s highest IQ, was added later that year, along with “Simply Delicious,” the recipe column written by the late Sheila Lukins of “The Silver Palate” fame. “PARADE Picks”, a weekly review of books, CDs, DVDs and videogames, launched in 2004 under the direction of Lee Kravitz, who served as PARADE editor for eight years and left the company in 2007.

In September 2010, PARADE launched Dash, a newspaper-distributed food magazine and Web site ( that blends original content with some of the most popular and accessible features from four of America’s most trusted brands: Bon Appétit, Epicurious, Gourmet and PARADE. Dash includes branded content from each property, marking the first editorial collaboration between PARADE and Condé Nast.