HONESDALE — Sgt. Ron Kominski will be officer in charge of the police in Honesdale Borough as officials advertise for the position.

Honesdale Mayor Ed Langendoerfer said that was the decision made at the conclusion of a special meeting of the borough council on Monday night.

The reason for the meeting was the sudden departure of Chief Joseph LoBasso, who has taken a job with the Wayne Highlands School District as head of security. It was a new position created this year by the board.

LoBasso's resignation will be effective July 31. His resignation was accepted unanimously "with regret" during the very brief public portion of the meeting on Monday.

After the 6-0 vote, the council went into an executive session to discuss police negotiations and police personnel.

It was after that executive session that the council voted to make Kominski as the officer in charge, said the mayor.

"He's fully capable of doing it," said Langendoerfer, who is the council's official liaison with the police department.

The mayor said it is Kominski who "fills in" for the chief when he is away from the office or out of town.

"I think he is definitely very good," said Langendoerfer.

The mayor said the borough will now formally advertise for the position of police chief. Once the advertising period is up, he said interviews will be scheduled and then a decision about the new chief will be made.

He also pointed out the borough is losing another officer in the near future, so the appointment of a new chief is crucial in getting the proper staffing.

Langendoerfer said he has been working closely with LoBasso and said staffing is "good for August."

He said the borough utilizes a lot of part-time personnel to make sure the police department is fully staffed at all times.

Langendoerfer also made a point to stress the duty of the Honesdale police chief is more than just an administrator. He said the chief is also out on the streets as part of the overall duties of chief.

Members of the police union in Honesdale are currently in negotiations with the borough as the current contract expires at the end of this year. Those negotiations have been ongoing for several weeks.