Local rescues child from ocean

- You may notice the lifeguards at the Honesdale pool are sporting some new shirts lately.

"I used to be an assistant lifeguard at the pool," said Morgen Hatton, owner and creative director of Visual Image Productions. Inc. "I know how helpful a T-shirt can be when you're sitting out in the heat."

Hatton decided to contact the lifeguards sitting in the summer sun and offer to donate screen printed Honesdale Pool T-shirts to the lifeguards.

"They said they'd like the shirts and that was that," he said.

Stroke of luck

Hatton said on the same day he was printing the shirts to donate, he received a call from his son, Morgen Daniel Hatton.

"I got a call that said my son had saved a little boy's life at Rockaway Beach," he said.

Quick thinking

Nineteen-year-old Morgen Daniel said he "was just at the right place at the right time."

He said he was visiting his sister in Brooklyn, N.Y. when they decided to head to Rockaway Beach.

While at the beach,

"I heard someone yell 'There's a dead body in the water!' and I just starting swimming out to see what it was," Morgen Daniel said.

"I was about 100 yards off shore, and this body was floating at least 25 to 50 yards out further than I was."

When Morgen Daniel reached the body, he said he saw "a four or five-year-old boy in the water," who was unresponsive.

Once he got the child onto the beach, "it was pandemonium." Morgen Daniel, who is a certified lifeguard, said that he then turned the boy over to the on-duty lifeguards. "He was motionless. I thought he was dead. It was one of the scariest moments of my life."

Five or 10 minutes later, Morgen Daniel said the young boy began to respond and started asking for his brother. "I didn't realize how young he actually was until he started talking," he said.

When the event was over, Morgen Daniel said, "I'm just glad everything worked out alright."