The talk has always been there. But is it true?

The talk has always been there. But is it true?

That is a central question when it comes to how people moving into Wayne County are perceived and treated.

There has always been talk of a "gentlemen's agreement" when it comes to keep wages low in the county. Nothing can be proven, just scuttlebutt.

Family connections, too, have always been discussed. More specifically, how people here manage to get jobs.

The job market is tight and there doesn't seem to be many signs of improvement — at least on the scale needed.

Because of this, we have made a decision to print the following letter which was received via our website. We are incorporating it into today's editorial because we believe it could provoke a discussion.

We have verified the author's authenticity and think the public has a right to hear all sides of the equation.

Following is the letter:

Editor, Wayne Independnt

My family and I moved to Honesdale in December with the hopes of new beginnings.

We were a military family for the past eight years (12 for my husband), and finally wanted to lay roots somewhere and start our civilian life. We chose Pennsylvania.

My husband and I both grew up in New Jersey but didn't want to move back there but wanted to be close enough to visit. So we figured PA would be perfect.

One thing that drew me to Honesdale was the hospital. I have a history of employment in the medical field with doctors and hospitals and figured what better place to move than in a town with a hospital. My husband was going to go to school full time and I'd work and we'd start our lives.

Sadly that didn't happen.

When we got to Honesdale I immediately started applying everywhere and as the days and weeks passed I grew weary because I didn't get a call back or anything. Nothing. It wasn't making sense to me.

Finally, I called the hospital. I'm not going to say what they said to me because: 1. It was all lies and, 2. It doesn't matter because they never had the intention of even considering me.

Why? Because I'm an outsider.

You see, I wasn't born in Honesdale. I don't have family here and I don't know anyone. I chose this town because I thought it was a safe place for my children and a promising place for my family to grow.

So here we are. July. No jobs, no friends, no hope. We finally had to reach out to local charities to help us get by and I kept getting the same question. Why did you come here? I gladly told them and they all seemed to change their tune and treat me a little nicer.

Today I found out what is going on. Someone from your town, who works in your town and who grew up here, let me in on the secret. Transplants aren't welcome. Apparently Wayne County is known as an easy place to get public assistance and a free place to live so people flock here for that reason.

Sad, really.

We aren't that family. Well I should say weren't that family until we came here and went into the poor house trying to be accepted and chip in to our community.

I love it here but sadly we can't stay because we don't know anyone, we don't have the right last name.

People of Honesdale I'm asking you not to treat all outsiders like they are here for the wrong reasons. Some of us want to plant roots and start our lives over somewhere safe and with good schools.

We are punished for being outsiders and soon we won't have anywhere to live.

If you want your town to grow and prosper you need to accept EVERYONE, especially if they want to work and contribute and be a part of your beautiful town.