Victoria is jammin'!

Editor's note: This is our continuing series of stories from 4-H members who are preparing for the 151st Wayne County Fair, set for Aug. 2-10 at the fairgrounds in Dyberry Township.

My name is Victoria Elizabeth Petrosky.

I am going into the seventh grade at Western Wayne Middle School and I have been a member of the 4-H Explorers Club for five years. I started out as a Cloverbud when I was little and began learning about farm animals.

I've seen these animals at the farm where my Aunt Mary Yamialkowski and my cousins live in Waymart, but we don't have room for things like that at my house. I needed different projects.

I started out being a regular member of the Explorers by doing two projects: "Backyard Poultry" and "Jams and Jellies."

The jellies were very hot to make; even picking the strawberries was hot work. I took my time and filled the jars the best I could. The chickens were fun and it was a cold spring so we kept them inside and I got to spend more time learning about them and playing with them.

I worked very hard on my poster and hoped we would win something at the fair. My ribbons from the Wayne County Fair let me go to The Pennsylvania State Farm Show with my projects where I won "Best In Show" for the entire state for my jams and jellies! I placed third for my chicken poster! I was emotional and felt I could now succeed at other projects.

For the 2011 Wayne County Fair and 4-H season, I did different jams and sewed an apron. I took first prize at Wayne County on both of them and third on my apron at Harrisburg.

I was happy about my placing and was beginning to think about sewing garments for other people. Teachers at school and people we knew were asking for jars of my jams. It was very cool.

I decided to try other projects.

Other kids from school from different 4-H groups were also doing them so it would be fun to display them together. I completed two new baking projects, "Yeast Breads on the Rise" and "Let's Bake Quick Breads" by making potato rolls and banana bread.

I discovered "Stitch by Stitch," which wasn't like "Sew Much Fun," but I got a blue ribbon on a sewing sampler at The Wayne County Fair, and a blue on my breads and jams. I did very well at Harrisburg, taking a top three on everything but my jams and jellies. I won "Best of Show" for the PA State Farm Show again for these!

I am very excited now to say that I want to someday open a shop where I sit and talk with people about designing and sewing unique clothing items while we eat the breads I bake and taste the jams I make and serve them. I want to call the store "Jam-n-Dresses" because of this and because I also want the dresses to be "jamming."

This is what I want to be when I grow up and my success in 4-H inspired me.