Editor's note: This year, in preparation for the Wayne County Fair, we asked 4-H members in the county to write something relating to their experiences. In the coming weeks, we will be featuring these essays on a regular basis.

My brother Regan and I show sheep and pigs for 4-H at the Wayne County Fair.

Last summer was my second year participating and it was the greatest one of all! I am 11 now, and looking forward to another fun year of showing at the fair. Regan is 19 and this will be his last year in 4-H.

Last year I had one sheep. My sheep's name was Quincy II. He was the best sheep ever!

I spent a lot of time working and playing with my sheep. I walked him all of the time and I had to weigh him a lot to make sure he would not go over the weight limit to be entered in the fair.

When it was time to take the animals to the fair, we all helped to get them in the trailer. My brother and I walk the sheep out of the barn to the trailer and then Regan lifts the sheep up into it. My brother is the best!

He helps me a lot and has taught me how to take care of my animals and how to show them in the ring at the fair. Once we got to the fairgrounds, we had our own pen to put our sheep in. We had a sign that we hung up over our pen, where we would (hopefully) hang up our trophies and ribbons.

All the animals got weighed, and there are weight restrictions. We had to take Regan's sheep for a long walk all the way to the other end of the fairgrounds because he was a little overweight. Then we sheared the sheep and give them a bath. Giving the sheep a bath is really fun. When we were finished, the sheep were clean, and I was very wet and dirty!

Then it was time for the sheep show!

The sheep are grouped into classes, according to how much they weigh. I was competing in a class with my brother's sheep because they were the same size. Regan's sheep was picked as the winner, and Quincy II was picked for second place!

Then we waited until all the winners of all the other classes were chosen and then it was time to compete again for Grand Champion. In the final competition, all the first and second place animals are brought out to the ring, and the judge selects two overall winners.

When we were out in the ring, Regan kept looking at me to tell me I was doing good. He would give me little tips to tell me if I was presenting my sheep the right way. We always try to have them stand just the right way so that it shows off their muscles!

We were all very nervous, walking around and keeping eye contact with the judge. The judge took a long time to look at Quincy II and all of the other sheep in the ring. hen he did it ... he pointed at Regan!

My whole family was so excited! They were yelling and jumping up and down! Regan had won Supreme Grand Champion at the Wayne County Fair and that is like winning the Super Bowl for us! Then the judge was looking for a second place winner, and after a long time walking around and looking at all the sheep, he pointed at me!

My family started jumping up and down even more! The judge brought me a big banner that said Reserve Grand Champion. Regan and I were soooo happy. I think our sheep were happy too.

Everyone left the ring. QuincyII and I, and Regan and his sheep, stayed to take pictures with the judge. The judge was very surprised to learn that we were brother and sister!

Now it is almost fair time again and we are getting our animals ready for another year at the fair. I have a new sheep, named Quincy III. I am excited to show him. But most of all I am glad that I have one more year to spend in 4-H with my brother Regan.