Hi, my name is Lily Fries. I am a four year member of the Waymart Horizons 4-H Club.

Hi, my name is Lily Fries. I am a four year member of the Waymart Horizons 4-H Club.

This year I am the club secretary. At the meetings I take roll call of the members present and take notes on what is done at the meetings. Then I record it in the club secretary books. My projects this year are dairy, market swine, cake decorating and photography.

My dairy projects are at my grandparents' farm where I go and help with the daily chores on the farm. Also, I work with the calves that I will be showing at the fair. I take them for daily walks, so they learn to follow me around the show ring.

I give them baths and clip their hair, so they look their best for the judge. At the fair the work never stops. I have to get up early every day to feed and clean the calves so I can have them ready to show. This year I am taking Ima, Bella, Yellow, Dasher and Bulb to the fair.

My swine project is at my house, where I get up early to feed and clean the pigs before school and when I get home from school. I weigh my pigs often to keep track of their weights because I don’t want them too light or too heavy. The weight limits are 225 to 275 pounds. This year my pigs names are Cookies and Cream.

4-H is not only about the animals. This is my third year exhibiting cake decorating as a project at the fair. For my first cake, I used a small writing tube, medium star tube, rose tube and a leaf tube. My second year, I had to have flowers, a spray, leaves, a border and writing. It was much harder than the first year. This year I have to exhibit a two layer cake with a basket weave with a rope border.

This is my first year doing photography as a project. I love to take pictures, so why not take ones to exhibit at the fair. For my first year, I have to take six pictures of one object from different angles.

These are my 4-H projects for this year. But the list of projects goes on and on. From cat and dog to sewing, scrapbooking, fishing, vegetables, to whatever your interests or hobbies are, 4-H has something for everyone!