Many experienced flooding during the storm that hit the area at the end of June and some brought up concerns during Tuesday night's meeting of Waymart Borough Council.

Many experienced flooding during the storm that hit the area at the end of June and some brought up concerns during Tuesday night's meeting of Waymart Borough Council.

Joanne Dzielak, who lives on Water Street next to the Van Orden Creek, said she had water coming into her kitchen and bathroom on the first floor. She added that her property is cleaned up now, but asked council what to do about future flooding.

"How do I as a homeowner help prevent the water from going into my neighbor's property?" she asked. "Can anything be done about the creek?"

"Rocky Edwards and Teddy Barna were doing a lot of cleaning under the bridges," said council member Lilian Rollison. "PennDOT also said they will drudge this year."

She added that PennDOT is responsible for two of the bridges in the borough.

Council commended Edwards and Barna for cleaning the bridges, noting that there was "a ton" of debris. Later in the meeting council would propose writing a letter to Aqua, Inc. to clean up the trees they cut down.

"About 50 percent of debris in the creek is from that," Rollison said. "They are precipitating our problem. What happens if we get another flood next week?"

She also said that the fire company pumped out 28 basements, when discussing the flood aftermath.

After, the discussion turned to getting funds from FEMA and PEMA for damage that was done. Council said that to apply for funds, the county "has to be declared" before they are allowed to accept funds.

Individuals can also file claims, but they have to have "complete documentation" when it's submitted. This includes cost and receipts. Council stressed that the public keep all of their receipts for anything related to fixing damages.

Other items

• A public hearing was held at 6 p.m. prior to the regular meeting, regarding the zoning ordinance. It was on display at solicitor Chris Farrell's office and he said that nobody provided him with any comments. The zoning map also didn't change.

County planning members Ed Coar and Chris Barrett provided comments and recommendations. The zoning ordinance and map were approved during the regular meeting.

Council also voted to sell copies of the ordinance, map included, for $25.

• A letter was sent to council requesting use of the park on Aug. 17 for a vigil that would help raise awareness about bullying and would also be in honor of Colin Beam, a 16-year-old who recently passed away.

• Aqua Water is planning to replace some water mains on Center, Florence and Marion streets. A representative from the company asked council what they want the company to do.

Center Street is the bigger problem due to drainage. Council feels that if they can solve the drainage issue, they might be able to solve other issues at the same time.

Council member Jane Varcoe said they've had "no problem" working with Aqua in the past and said if both council and the company cooperate together, "this will be fine."

Council decided they want to meet with Aqua's contractor if they are able, to discuss what can be done.

• Police chief Fred Glavich said the department had an "active month" in June. Incidents listed in his report included four drug arrests, two motor vehicle accidents, two DUIs, two arrest warrants served, 13 traffic verbal warnings, 15 written warnings, 13 traffic citations and more.

He also reminded motorists to "slow down."

"On Saturday alone there were 23 high speed citations given," Glavich stated.

Regarding two break-ins that took place in the borough in May, Glavich said that one will be going to trial soon and they are still working on the other.

"Keep your houses and vehicles locked and watch your neighbor's property," he said. "People will do anything to steal. If you see anything suspicious call it in."

A member of the public thanked the police department for their quick response to an incident his daughter had.

• The electrical work at the baseball field near the ambulance building has been taken care of. Council was originally given a quote from Metz for $575, but John Cummings said he would do the same work for $320.

He fixed the poles and checked the amp breaker and added four additional outlets and put them on their own breakers. Cummings did the work this past Saturday.

• Zach Curtis, who is working on his Eagle Scout project, said he can no longer replace the roof of the gazebo in the park because his troop doesn't have enough manpower to do so. He said he would like to put a sign up in the park that would list upcoming events.

Curtis said the plan is to also make it so the letters can be moved around. After providing prices for some of the materials he found, council suggested that he look into solar for the lighting.

"We will support the project and we appreciate it," said council president Chip Norella.

Curtis will come back to the meeting in August with a basic plan and they will also discuss where the sign should go, since it can't block the views for traffic.