- Since the road work was announced in February of this year, businesses and residents have expressed concern with the impact tearing up Main Street would have on the borough.

The undertaking by UGI will replace 63 miles of antiquated gas lines throughout the region. The gas lines in need of repair run beneath Main Street within the borough from the 400 to 1100 blocks of Main Street. It is a total of 3,850 feet of line.

Lines are also slated to be replaced in other areas, including Scranton and Cooper Township. All of the upgrades are part of a $7.1 million project for fiscal year 2013, according to UGI officials.

The current lines, consisting of cast iron and bare steel mains, will be replaced with materials like high density plastic or cathodically protected steel. There will also be accommodations made to the existing line to prepare it for additional system growth, service line and meter replacements, according to a release.

At the time of the work, the Greater Honesdale Partnership petitioned for work on Main Street to be after business hours.

On June 19, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) granted a permit to UGI to perform the work on Main Street in Honesdale "between the night hours of 6:30 p.m. and 6 a.m."

The change in hours "will definitely benefit the businesses in the area," said Gail Tucker, Executive Director of the Greater Honesdale Partnership. "It's work that has got to be done, and we just have to be patient and let them do it.

Bob Jennings, Chairman of the Safety Committee, said "I completely agree and and am gratified with what they have done for traffic congestion and safety considerations."