You can only call an incident which took place early Saturday morning a tragedy.

You can only call an incident which took place early Saturday morning a tragedy.

An off-duty police officer came across an accident in Wayne County and made a decision to help the person who had crashed his car.

When Daniel "J.J." Lomax stepped out of his vehicle, he stepped on a downed power line and was instantly electrocuted. (See our story on page 1.)

According to many sources, Lomax was a well liked person in this region who not only worked part-time at various police departments but was also a volunteer firefighter. Someone said he died the way he lived — helping others.

This tragedy reminds all of us the dangers which police officers, firefighters, EMS workers and other face on a daily basis.

You can never know when tragedy might strike as it did early Saturday morning.

Lomax was simply trying to help another human being who was in serious trouble. The scene must have been horrific when he pulled up because police said the car was engulfed in flames. Police still don't know how the driver was able to get out.

Too many times we take for granted that when something happens, others will be there to help. Sure, it is their job, but the majority of emergency workers go above and beyond their call of duty.

That was certainly the case in Salem Township early Saturday morning. Lomax didn't have to stop and get out of his car, but it's pretty safe to say he was trained to do just that and it ended up in tragedy.

The strange thing about life is how you never know exactly what is going to happen from one minute to the next. For Lomax, he was probably thinking about one thing — helping out someone who was in a grave situation. It ended up cutting his life too short.

The dangers of working in professions like law enforcement and firefighting are present each and every day.

A police officer has no idea what is going to happen when he goes on duty. It's probably one of the great attractions of the job, however, it's also its greatest danger.

The same can be said for firefighters. They risk their own lives to go inside of burning buildings and save others. In this region, what's even more astonishing is almost all of them are volunteers.

That speaks volumes for the people of this area. It's no surprise that Lomax was a firefighter who volunteered for departments all across this area.

Apparently, he simply wanted to help people in the best way he knew how which was risking his own life.

There are many others in this area who do the same thing and we can't thank them enough for their service.

Whether you run into burning buildings, go into unknown disturbances in random houses or risk your own life along side a busy highway to help someone out, we tip our hat to your service.

Events like the tragedy remind us of the perils which can happen and we should always recognize those who put themselves in harm's way so that we can be safe.