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  • The following is a list of Marriage Licenses and Divorce Decrees, issued in Wayne County at the Honesdale Courthouse during the month of May 2013.
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  • The following is a list of Marriage Licenses and Divorce Decrees, issued in Wayne County at the Honesdale Courthouse during the month of May 2013.
    Marriage Licenses
    Timothy Joshua Coulter and Debra Ann Kenyon
    Richard Brian Kulasinsky and Katie Marie O’Neill
    Richard Joseph Kille Sr. and Brenda Kay Gibbons
    Roger Dean Branning and Judy Lynn Wasman
    Michael T. Schwartz and Jamie Lynn Laplant
    Russell William Burr and Megan Irene Roser
    Ryan Edward Malone and Brittany Lynn Stover
    Harold Jay Kennedy and Martha Ann Akers
    Marcus Gerald Lienert and Lauren Nicole Sieg
    Samuel Wright Yankauskas Sr. and Lori Beth Doney
    Ervin Charles Washington Jr. and Leigh Wilson
    Harry Deaver Swartz and Toniann Sheehan
    Paul Francis Rogan Jr. and Jennifer Lyn Thomas
    Andrew Glenn Beck and Tracy Jane Theobald
    Jason Albert Frunzi and Alexis Colleen Dotter
    Rafael A. Ward and Cara Mia Graber
    Wayne Clifford Wade and Alissa Loriann Weiss
    Joseph Tighe and Roberta Lyn Sartor
    Phillip Jacob Hartman and Kristi Lane Latourette
    Daniel Kyle Ostrander and Mary Ann Kaine
    Page 2 of 10 - Joshua David Karausky and Amber Marie Supko
    Devin Patrick McLaughlin and Pace Chelsea Jean Eichner
    Mark Edward Granquist and Lindsay Ann Fleming
    Corey Charles Heller and Christine Lynn Boswell
    Christopher Daniel Hahn and Dorothy Margaret Smith
    Mark Huston Dodson and Marie Marcia Stanton
    Adam Delzine Gilson and Melissa Ann Luland
    Christopher Douglas Case and Jessica Ann Drake
    Dennis Gene Cheng and Tierney Lyons
    James Genaro Degrazia III and Cathleen Marie Judson
    Charles Henry Welch and Margaret Mary French
    Andrew John Anderberg and Samantha Julia M. Platt
    Silvio G. Carlo and Alicia Kay Carlo
    Miguel Leopoldo Reyes and Carolina Campos
    Divorce Decrees
    John Hinckley Jr. vs. Mary Ann Hinkley NKA Oriani
    Joseph L. Vanderber vs. Carolyn A. Verderber
    Chamonix Kinimaka vs. Chad Anke
    Kristine Price vs. Robert Price
    Holly Summers NKA Thompson vs. Jarod Summers
    Victoria L. Kilroy vs. Kenneth Burger
    Mary Elaine Clark vs. Dale Patrick Clark
    Emily Torquati vs. Derek Torquati
    Page 3 of 10 - Mary A. Galant vs. Seymour Galant
    Robin Lynn Groo vs. Richard A. Groo Jr.
    Javier Fernandez vs. Dora Fernandez
    Property Transfers
    The following property transfers for the Month of May, 2013 were recorded in the Wayne County Courthouse, Honesdale, PA. Abbreviations used are as follows: EXR: Executor; AF: Attorney-in-fact; TR: Trustee and ADM: Administrator.
    Berlin Township
    May 17: Stanishlav V. Svoboda EST AKA By Sheriff, Stanishlav Svoboda EST AKA By Sheriff, Olga L.acny EXR By Sheriff, Stanishlav V. Svoboda and Stanishlav Svoboda EST AKA By Sheriff, a property to Joseph A. Galante Jr., $136,067.81
    May 30: Fannie Mae AKA and Federal Nation Mortgage Association AKA and Phelan Halliman L L P , a property to Kenneth McGinnis, $50,000.00
    May 30: Helen M. Knoblauch, a property to Edward F. and Lucia J. Uzupes, $5,500.00
    Bethany Borough
    May 17: Piper Creek Inc. a property to Lester S. Hazen, $ 123,500.00
    May 31: Honesdale National Bank EXR and Edith Mildred Leinbach, a property to Ruth Gilbert, $1.00
    May 31: Ruth Gilbert, a property to Jarrod V. Roney, $90,000.00
    Buckingham Township
    May 20: Thomas J. Liddy By Agent, Sarah O’Grady Liddy Agent and Sarah O’Gradyliddy Agent, a property to Thomas M. Carr and Joyce A. Carr, $145,000.00
    May 24: Denis Lucarelli, a property to Craig J. and Holly Bouslough, $310,000.00
    Canaan Township
    May 10: Russell E. Motsay, a property to Todd C. and Susan M. Pauler, $15,000.00
    Page 4 of 10 - Cherry Ridge Township
    May 30: Thomas L. Sr and Sharon Reading, a property to Nicholas and Helen Robinson, $244,900.00
    Clinton Township
    May 13: Walter and Rita Haunz, a property to Brian A. Soja, $25,000.00
    May 24: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and Daniel A. McGovern, a property to Diane Burro, $94,100.00
    May 1: Linda and Francis R. Gerchman, a property to Randy L. Howell and Linda Gerchman, $45,000.00
    May 2: Charles M. and Claudia Davis, a property to Andrew Ogozaly and Lisa Lynn Zuidema, $15,000.00
    May 13: M & J Development Group, a property to Ronald and Melissa Franks, $48,360.00
    May 13: Joseph Franceski Jr. AKA, Joseph Franceski AKA and Michael Franceski, a property to Drew and Janice Sparks, $48,000.00
    May 13: Joseph Franceski Jr. AKA, Michael Franceski and Joseph Franceski AKA, a property to Brian P. Fitzsimmons, $48,000.00
    May 24: Rosemarie Sterchak By AF and Michael Vitkus AF, a property to Nicholas A. Norella and Nicole Trichilo, $62,500.00
    May 6: Sally N. Rutherford EXR, Errol Ofman EST AKA, Aubrey Errol Ofman EST AKA and A. Errol Ofman EST AKA, a property to Zack A. Chasky, $230,000.00
    May 20: Barbara A. Elmore ADM, David B. Elmore EST, Batbata Elmore and John D. Elmore, a property to Douglas W. Mayger, $300,000.00
    May 24: Jamie Dereamer and Amy S. Dereamer, a property to Keith and Nancy Andrews, $49,900.00
    May 29: Richard M. and Paula A. Lasko, a property to Andrew Ferrari, Claudia Ferrari and Steven Weck, $73,500.00
    May 31: Kurt Harms, a property to Bernhard J. and Barbara Harms, $1.00
    Dreher Township
    Page 5 of 10 - May 9: Barry Newcomer Jr. TR and Willard E. Newcomer Inter Vivos Trust, a property to Paul W. Newcomer, $5720.00
    May 21: Barry Newcomer TR and Willard E. Newcomer Inter Vivos Trust, a property to Jonathan Turner and Allison Turner, $155,000.00
    Honesdale Borough
    May 1: Christine Notchick, a property to Bryan Polifrone, $72,000.00
    May 2: Quisqueia Reynoso, a property to Karen Christianson Rapone, Karen Christiansonrapone and John Rapone, $5,500.00
    May 8: Ellen M. Gregory and John Coronato, a property to Ellen M. Gregory, $1.00
    May 14: Peter J. Weidner, a property to Robert M. and Sheri L Rutledge, $196,000.00
    Lake Township
    May 1: Richard P. and Barbara Denoto, a property to Alex and Janetta Levin, $135,000.00
    May 2: Marie Anna Rebhun, a property to Christopher Michael Stempky, $152,500.00
    May 9: Fannie Mae AKA, Federal National Mortgage Association AKA and McCabe Weisberg & Conway, $340,000.00
    May 10: Notburga E. Garlasco, a property to Marius Cebert, Irma Secal Gebski, Irma Segalgerski and Yakov Segal, $221,000.00
    May 10: Harry Papazian and Mike Margarrella, a property to Lawrence Melillo, $179,000.00
    May 13: Diane M. Dewey EXR, John Grande EST AKA and John Grande Sr. EST AKA, a property to Denys Dlaboha, $85,000.00
    May 21: Harry Thompson and Angelina Thompson, a property to Lowell F. Wolf, Mary Esquenazi Wolf and Mary Esuenaziwolf, $102,000.00
    May 21: Lucches and Bertha T. Rivara, a property to Robin Jean Harland, $299,000.00
    May 21: Gasper R. Bernabeu, Rene Bernabeu amd Cindy Bernabeu, a property to Joseph L Gannon and Lynne D. Gannon, $ 140,000.00
    Page 6 of 10 - May 22: Fannie Mae AKA, Federal National Mortgage Association AKA and Phelan Halliman L L P, a property to Luzett Rivera Dechristopher, and Luzett Riveradechristopher, $47,765.00
    May 23: David Czapnik and Marilyn C. Czapnik, a property to William Brenner and Linda Brenner, $50,000.00
    May 24: William C. Mulvey, a property to Adam R. Wilmot and Kaylie A. Wilmot, $127,659.00
    May 24: Robert O’Neil and Wendy O’Neil, a property to Seyit Alt Tabaru and Mesut Tabaru, $103,000.00
    May 30: Sofia Borshchevsky, a property to Carmelo Mariano, $120,000.00
    Lehigh Township
    May 2: William Roudi Jr. and Julia Roudi, a property to Thomas James Jurewicz , $325,000.00
    May 3: Brian Wenger, a property to Frank Harzolo and Yanna Harzolo, $760.00
    May 3: Big Bass Lake Inc., a property to big Bass Lake Community Association, $40,000.00
    May 10: Harry S. Forrest, a property to Jack J. Kunze Jr. and Kathleen A. Kunze, $85,000.00
    May 13: Ali Asghar Houshmand and Farahnaz Houshmand, a property to Ilya Boguslavsky, Irene Boguslavsky, Anne Marie Boguslavsky, Gregory Joseph Boguslavsky, $180,000.00
    May 14: William V. Sisti and William V. Barrett, a property to Eric Anthony Kuester, $85,000.00
    May 17: Raymond Tierney EXR and Joseph C. Tierney EST, a property to Robert W. Carey Jr. and Sandra Dee Carey, $80,000.00
    May 21: Thomas Dolaghan, a property to Mark and Darlene F. Zadlock, $3,500.00
    Manchester Township
    May 13: Eugene L. Stickler, a property to Antonio L. Rivera and Adelina Encarnicion, $5,500.00
    Mount Pleasant Township
    May 2: Carol E. Padwa, a property to David F. and Janette Young Bianco, $35,000.00
    Page 7 of 10 - May 7: Vilma Kirchgessner EST and Kenneth Nemeth EXR, a property to Blue Slate Farm, $435,000.00
    May 8: John W. Lewis and Catherine N. Lewis, a property to David M. and Macy L. Compton, $390,000.00
    May 14: Ruth O’Neill AKA and Ruth V. O’Neill AKA, a property to Richard and Mary Jean Sheldon, $180,000.00
    May 16: Wayne Bank, a property to Casey Christianson and Jeffrey Mead, $35,000.00
    May 16: Johnathan and Joann Bruford, a property to Jeffrey Carter, $115,000.00
    May 23: Paul E. McGraw, a property to Luke J. Harrie and Roseanna Acker, $222,000.00
    May 24: Gerald A. Miller, Jacqueline Miller and Bonnie Miller, a property to Christopher G. Pollick, $245,000.00
    Paupack Township
    May 1: Thomas B. Lyons, Allene S. Lyons, John W. Lyons III, Kathleen L. Dehaven and Harold A. Dehaven, a property to Norman A. Cook and Kimberly Cook, $575,000.00
    May 1: Alexander A. and Carol Krych, a property to Margaret Fudal, $225,000.00
    May 1: Walter H. Horst and Judith A. Horst, a property to Gerard Barnes, $207.500.00
    May 1: George W. Murphy Jr., Sallie B.E. Stimatz AKA, Sallie B. E. Kerns AKA, Damon R. Eldre Jr., Jane E. Kehler, and Jane Elder AKA, a property to George W. Murphy, $1.00
    May 1: George M. Byers AKA By Agent, George Byers AKA By Agent and Joseph byers Agent, a property to Samuel and Jill Alecci, $474,000.00
    May 2: Jon Hart and Brenda Hart, a property to Anthony Bilansky and Lisa Morrissey, $482,500.00
    May 2: Howard Dinger Jr. and Judith Dinger, a property to Stephen Kaminsky and Marquita Kaminsky, $305,000.00
    May 2: Gerald J. Jarcwicz, a property to Christopher and Karen Borton, $204,000.00
    Page 8 of 10 - May 2: Lain Gutierrez, Milagros Camacho and Milagros Camacho Gutierrez, a property to Milagros Camacho and Donald L. Gardner, $1.00
    May 3: Robert A. Black and Farrah R. black, a property to Michael Z. and Cynthia Tillger, $225,000.00
    May 6: Brian Patterson and Stacia Felicello, a property to Ralph and Joyce Talavera, $138,000.00
    May 9: Ruth Sciarra, Ann C. Mott and Burton L Mott, a property to Jeffrey C. Sciarra, $1.00
    May 9: Frederick C. Lesrourgeon and Ruth S. Lestourgeon, a property to Lestourgeon Lakehouse, $1.00
    May 10: Paul T. Blaum and Ann Marie Blaum, a property to Mark Harris, Susan Harris and David Harris, $271,500.00
    May 10: Barbara Rivel, a property to Bernard F. Bieski, $318,000.00
    May 14: Andrew Bookin and Judith Bookin, a property to Sy Miau Vines, $60,195.00
    May 16: Richard J. Klipp and Susan C. Klipp, a property to Bertram C. Penders II and Kerri P. Penders, $520,000.00
    May 21: George Froehlich and Carole Froehlich, a property to George Christiansen and Bernadette Christiansen, $45,000.00
    May 23: HSBC Bank USA TR BY AF and Ocwen Loan Servicing AF, a property to R V F H SIX , $23,000.00
    May 24: Roger B. Barnett and Joyce Barnett, a property to John Harten and Anne Harten, $125,000.00
    May 28: Maria A Raso, a property to Jeffrey and Lynelle Hoch, $750,000.00
    May 29: Andrew R. Hricko EXR, Theresa E. Witkoski EST, Andrew R. Hricko, Deborah Hricko Viney, and Robert Hricko, a property to Michael E. Malz, $435,000.00
    May 30: Patricia L. Hobbib EXR, George Little EST AKA, and George W. Little EST AKA, a property to Albert Propeack and Sandra Propeack, $107,500.00
    Preston Township
    Page 9 of 10 - May 9: Leonard I. Levitz, Elena Livchits, Elena Levitz and Lilia Levitz, a property to William Wesley Carnes Sr., $237,500.00
    May 16: Johnathan Bruford And Joann Bruford, a property to Jeffrey Carter, $115,000.00
    May 20: Thomas Livengood, a property to Luther Conklin, $1,500.00
    May 22: Anthony B. Baxendale and Tracey F. Baxendale, a property to Robert Willard Allen Jr. and Patricia Marans Allen, $179,000.00
    Salem Township
    May 1: James w. Brett, Lorraine Brett, Dolores A Brett and Dolores A. Implictto, a property to Andrew Coyle and Ellyn A. Trickey Coyle, $100,000.00
    May 6: Charles r. Gifford and Kimberly K. Gifford, a property to Stacey R. Madden and Brandon Pauselli, $150,000.00
    May 10: James Finger, a property to Matthew Cielski, $6,000.0 0
    May 10: Michael and Theodora Efthimiades, a property to Katherine Fendt, $120,000.00
    May 10: Natalie M. Stahl, a property to Robert T. Longyard Jr. and Janis I. Longyard, $113,000.00
    May 14: Clauss Development, a property to James Michael Dipietropolo, $220,000.00
    May 17: Walter H. and Judith A. Horst, a property to Michael Smith and Deirdre Smith, $70,000.00
    May 21: Carl and Marni Casler, a property to George A. Faller and Katherine J. Faller, $470,000.00
    May 23: Kathleen O’Neill and Kathleen Conway, a property to Valerie B. Flyte, $140,000.00
    May 24: Timothy J. and Theresa M. Golden, a property to Daniel K. Krieger, $55,000.00
    May 24: Northern Lights Realty, a property to Dennis Smith, $50,000.00
    May 31: US Bank National Association TR BY AF and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. AF, a property to Thomas R. Regenski and John Gallucci, $52,000.00
    Page 10 of 10 - Scott Township
    May 3: Glenn Blasi, Laura Blasi, a property to Benjamin Lee, Christie Marie Jimenez Lee and Christie Marie Jimenezlee, $113,000.00
    May 9: Josephine Mulholland, a property to Gregory Scott Sparrow, $11,000.00
    May 17: Frank Samuel Smith, a property to Jeffrey T. Kaminsky, $14,000.00
    May 31: Citimortgage Inc. BY AF, National Default R E O Services AF and First American Asset closing Services AF, a property to Michael T. Greene and Nora E. Greene, $63,000.00
    South Canaan Township
    May 15: Amjad S. Abuhamatto and Amjad S. Abu Hamatto, $ a property to James T. Johnson, $8,000.00
    May 24: Susan W. Andrews , a property to John D. Mulqueen and Catriona Fraser, $425,000.00
    Sterling Township
    May 21: Barry Newcomer TR, Willard E. Newcomer Inter Vivos Trust, a property to Johathan and Allison Turner, $155,000.00
    May 22: Michael J. McQuown and Rebecca E. McQuown, a property to Edward Mallas, $143,750.00
    Texas Township
    May 23: SJC of White Mills, a property to Honesdale Free Methodist Church Inc., $312,000.00
    May 28: Terrace Traco, a property to Steven Schariest and Daniel Schariest Jr., $205,000.00
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