A rising country music star is the featured act at this year's Wayne County Fair.

A rising country music star is the featured act at this year's Wayne County Fair.

Justin Moore will be performing in concert at 8 p.m., Friday, Aug. 2, to kickoff the 151st annual fair.

Tickets are $30 for track seat reserved and $20 for general admission grandstand. Tickets can be purchased in advance by logging on to waynecountyfair.com.

About the artist

When Justin Moore tells his fans at all of his shows that he's "proud to be from small town USA," it is from the heart.

The Poyen, Ark. native grew up in a town with a population of 272, the sign with that declaration sits in his grandparents front yard. He graduated from high school with 37 classmates.

So how does a kid from a town that small work his way up to Music Row, a record deal and eventual stardom as a country music singer touring with the biggest acts in country music today?

How does it happen that one of the first songs he writes in Nashville winds up hitting number one on the country charts? How does the kid from the small town follow that up with a top five hit, a top 15 hit and his second number one and fastest rising single from his second album "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away?"

How does he get voted "2009's Best Male Country Artist" by Billboard Magazine?

He starts by being true to himself, in the way he lives and in the songs he writes. When he sings about growing up in Poyen in his number one hit, "Small Town USA" and that "some people called it prison when I was growin' up, but these are my roots and this is what I love," he means every word of it.

When he sings about a "rifle in a gun rack hanging in the back glass" from his top 5 hit "Backwoods," that's the way it is in his home town, where he learned how to hunt and fish from his grandpa, "PawPaw," Tom Moore, and how to tend to the cattle and work the fields from his grandpa "Paw," Charles Webb.

He had the type of childhood most people would envy, loving grandparents on both sides of the family tree, aunts and uncles, cousins, best boyhood and lifelong friends, Sunday meals after church with family and friends, summers on the lake fishing with his buddies, ball games on Friday nights and supportive and nurturing parents who taught him wrong from right and the importance of being a good Christian.

His parents, Tommy Ray and Charlene Moore, first noticed he could sing on key and memorize songs in almost an instant when he was two years old. They had the "scratching the head" moments of "is this real or do we think he's good because he's our son?" But once he started being asked to sing all the solos in church on Sundays and people started noticing, Tommy Ray and Charlene realized he had a special gift.

As Justin moved through high school as an outstanding athlete in both basketball and baseball he was undecided about a career path, music or sports.

With a sports scholarship offer he decided to give college a try. Two weeks at college told him that his true calling was in music, and with his parents support and blessing they all decided to give it a try.

He made the move to Nashville at the very young age of 18, buoyed by the urging of his now manager Pete Hartung of L3 Entertainment.

They met with up and coming producer/songwriter Jeremy Stover, and Justin and Jeremy realized that they had both found the perfect fit. Jeremy became Justin's writing partner and producer and when they had written the songs they thought they needed for an album they took it to Scott Borchetta, President of the Big Machine Label Group.

The record deal was forthcoming and in August of 2009 Justin released his first album, "Justin Moore" on The Valory Music Company label. That album is fast approaching Gold status.

It was an exciting time for Justin as he spent all of 2009 and 2010 touring with the biggest names in country music, including Trace Adkins, Hank Williams Jr, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Brad Paisley, Brooks and Dunn, Miranda Lambert and Darius Rucker.

He signed on for the 2011 summer "Flatts Fest Tour" with Rascal Flatts. He finished 2011 with Miranda Lambert and then with Darius Rucker. He started January 2012 touring with Blake Shelton.

His headlining shows have sold out in clubs across the country and his loyal fan base continues to grow at a rapid pace. His music resonates strongly with the blue collar, hard working Americans who break their backs just to earn a buck and never get ahead but wouldn't have it any other way, to paraphrase the lyric from his #1 hit, "Small Town USA."

Justin's sophomore album "Outlaws Like Me" debuted at number one upon its release nationwide on June 21, 2011 and quickly landed him his second Number 1 along with a top 15 and a current single and his first ever love song "Til My Last Day" sitting at number 12 on the charts and headed upwards.

Justin's fans have found his new album filled with songs that stay true his roots, some hard rocking, kick-ass cuts and some that show a slightly softer side, a sign of kind of a musical maturity, so to speak, brought on no doubt by the three greatest joys in his life, his daughter Ella, born in February 2009, his daughter Kennedy born in November 2011, and his beautiful wife Kate.

Justin is currently working on his third studio album is now is his first headlining tour.