So we've given tips on healthy lifestyles. We gave you plenty of info on many a topic. What does it all mean though?

So we've given tips on healthy lifestyles. We gave you plenty of info on many a topic. What does it all mean though? Why go through all that work? Why try to get a workout in? Why buy healthy options? Here some reasons, just to name a few.

To improve your quality of life. You are what you eat, its true. If you consume mass quantities of preservatives, salt, sugar and other unhealthy foods, you feel like garbage. You may not realize it until you go healthy. Opting for fresh, or at least frozen, veggies, whole grain carbohydrates, and low salt/sugar choices will give your body the nutrients and minerals it needs. This will make you feel fantastic and full of energy instead of sluggish and fatigued. Sure you can live to be 103 on any diet, but wouldn't you want to make those years the best? Feeling great and enjoying life would make those years infinitely better, right? Add exercise to keep your body moving and shaking and you've got a wonderful combination for a long fantastic life!

To reduce your risk of diseases. When you provide your body with all the necessary tools for success, it can't help but reward you with being the best body it can be! So when those age-related diseases come knocking, it will be ready to fight them off! By exercising regularly, you are arming your body against diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. Exercise helps regulate blood sugar and keeps your joints lubricated. These are just two examples of the many ways exercise keeps diseases at bay. In addition, keeping yourself on a healthy diet can help you boost your immune system so you can fight off common ailments also.

When you feel better, you can handle stress better. Its true! When you exercise regularly, it acts as a natural stress buster. Working out your stress in this way is better because it puts your mind at ease and includes a physical aspect as well to really release the tension. Further, when you look better you feel better.

Now, these are just three of the ways eating right and exercising affect your life in a positive way. We didn't even mention how you get stronger, are able to endure more, don't get sick as often and are better able to keep maintain a healthy weight. So as you can see, taking the time to get and stay healthy is really more important than you may at first think! For more information, please contact the Wayne County YMCA at (570) 253-2083, or visit our website at