Information sought on injured pooch

REGION - Jessica Cortes from Dingmans Ferry was found guilty of Cruelty to Animals on June 14 and ordered to pay a $300 fine and serve five days in jail.

Cortes was also found guilty of three Dog Law violations: Abandonment, failure to license, and vaccinate her dog for rabies. She was ordered to pay $500 in fines for those charges.

"Dog owners need to be held responsible for their animals, " stated Dog Warden James Rickert.

The charges stemmed from an incident in February when her dog, a five-year-old Catahoula, was discovered emaciated in a basement filled with feces. The Dingmans Ferry home appeared to be abandoned.

When the dog was removed from the basement, she was immediately taken to the veterinarians and she weighed 24 pounds.

"I have never seen a dog that skinny and still alive. She has an unbelievable will to live," stated Pennsylvania Humane Society Police Officer Marlene Metzger.

"I am very happy about the jail sentence. This dog couldn't open a can of dog food or pour herself some water when her owner didn't show up for days on end. People must care for the animals they own or do not own them," stated Metzger.

Twiggy, as she is now called, gained an average of one pound per day for the first month of her rehabilitation. She was placed in a foster home that had to monitor her food and water intake because she was so debilitated.

Twiggy is a great dog and is good with other dogs also. She is sweet and kind. She weighs about 54 pounds now and has maintained that weight for several months.

Twiggy is finally looking for a wonderful permanent home. She is energetic and playful and would love to have an active family or person that could be home most of the day with her or that can take her with them.

She deserves the best home ever.

For info on Twiggy and the adoption application process call Dessin at 570-253-4037 or

Information needed

Metzger is also seeking information regarding a severely injured dog that was found in Waymart.

A small, black and white Shih tzu type dog was found on Carbondale Road on Sunday, June 9 and brought to Dessin Animal Shelter.

The pooch is a female about 8-10 years old, in good body condition and has had a recent grooming. She had suffered head and neck trauma that had resulted in her eye being popped out of the socket. It appeared as though it had been injured a couple of days prior to her being found.

She was taken to the veterinarians for evaluation and treatment.

Sally underwent surgery to remove the right eye. She was also treated for a urinary tract infection. Sally was released from the hospital one week after surgery and is doing well.

"No one has been looking for this sweet, friendly, little dog and that leads me to believe that there is much more to her story," stated Metzger.

If anyone recognizes this dog, or knows how her injuries happened, call 570-647-0239.

Calls will be kept confidential.