On a sunny Saturday, June 1, the Wayne County Safe Kids Committee held a Safety Seat Inspection, as well as a Safe Kids Fair at the Park Street Complex in Honesdale.

— On a sunny Saturday, June 1, the Wayne County Safe Kids Committee held a Safety Seat Inspection, as well as a Safe Kids Fair at the Park Street Complex in Honesdale.

Children from five different school districts attended. This year the Wayne County Business and Professional Woman's Club offered fingerprinting for all. One-hundred fifty-three children took advantage of this opportunity.

A total of 25 car seats were checked in an effort to educate parents and to ensure that all child safety seats are installed properly. In all, 17 car seats or booster seats were replaced, free of charge to many grateful parents.

A special thank you was given to to senior checker Jill Gamboni, Judy Williams, Cpl. Walck, Tpr. Carroll, Tpr. Ives and TFC Chervanka for making sure all car seats were installed properly.

PA's "Law of Love" states that all children must be in approved child restraint until age eight. Parents often think that only children under four years of age need to be restrained.

Depending on the age of the child, the violation could be a primary offense (meaning they can be pulled over for violating this regulation) or secondary offense (meaning the officer has to find another reason to pull them over – such as a headlight out).

Then they can also ticket the parent for a car seat violation. The fine for violations is $100 plus EMS, Cat Fund and administrative fees. The primary law applies to children age birth to four years old. The secondary law applies to all children from four to eight.

The new teen driving law passed in October by Gov. Corbett affected child passengers as well. It is now a primary offense for any person to drive a vehicle with a passenger under 18 who isn't wearing a seatbelt or isn't properly restrained in a booster or car seat.

That means a police officer can stop a vehicle if the officer suspects such a passenger isn't buckled up or properly restrained. The law requires that children under the age of eight must be fastened in a child restraint system.

Each child that attended the fair was given a T-shirt and backpack donated by URA V.I.P Printing. Many giveaways, including educational material, stickers, trigger locks, bicycle helmets and coloring books, filled the children's backpacks.

Children entered to win a bicycle, donated by Elegante's Restaurant. The winners were Nicholas Mozga, Wayne Highlands and Paige Honey, Wallenpaupack.

The Safe Kids Committee would like to thank the many agencies and businesses that participated in this event. Participants included: Wayne County YMCA; Wayne Memorial Hospital; Wayne County Drug & Alcohol; Wayne County Sheriff; Early Head Start; National Park Service; Wayne County Emergency Operations Center & 911; Sprout Dental; Honesdale Fire Department; Wayne Ambulance; Victims Intervention Program; Wayne County Office of Behavioral and Developmental Programs and Early Intervention; Wayne County CASSP; Early Head Start; Wayne Memorial Community Pediatrics; Cribs for Kyle; Wayne County Children and Youth; Concern; Business and Professional Women's Club, Together for Health; Wayne County Family Center and Honesdale Headstart; Honesdale Police Department; Wayne County Conservation District; Elegantes, URA V.I.P. Printing; Garings Bus Co; Jill Gamboni (Pike County Safe Kids Coalition); Dr. Judith Williams; Fraternal Order of Eagles; Bold Gold Media, The Wayne Independent; The River Reporter and The Pennsylvania State Police. We would also like to thank Charcoal Chucks, Millon's Inc, CYS Advisory Council, WIN, Wayne County Business and Professional Woman's Club, and the Fraternal Order of the Eagles for donating funds for the purchase of car seats.

A special thank you goes to all of the volunteers.