- The Wayne County Commissioners were vocal June 13 about approving a letter to the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) regarding natural gas extraction.

The drafting of this letter to the DRBC was approved earlier in the year, and the final draft was presented on Thursday.

The letter pushes for the DRBC "to take action regarding the advancement of natural gas extraction in the basin." The DRBC has remained stagnant since a special meeting scheduled for Nov. 21, 2011, to consider adoption of a draft of natural gas development regulations was "postponed indefinitely."

The letter reflects the commissioners stance that Wayne County landowners "are being unequivocally deprived of economic benefits" and the freedom to make land use decisions.

The letter also reads that the commissioners feel that residents and property owners in the county "have suffered and continue to suffer from the disservice" that is a consequence of the inaction on behalf of the DRBC.

The commissioners close with the request that the DRBC "focus on its mission as a water management agency" to keep the long-term balance between healthy ecosystems and economic vitality. The commissioners also request that the DRBC "abandon any proposed plans" to regulate natural gas drilling beyond "already established functions" that focus on water quantity and water quality data collection and analysis. A motion was made by Commissioner Wendell Kay to approve the letter be sent to the DRBC and was seconded by Commissioner Jonathan Fritz. Copies of the letter will also be sent to area representatives.

Chief Clerk Vicky Botjer read correspondence from North East Child Care Service that said "they are not opting to renew their lease." The space is located in the Park Street Complex and is currently occupied by Treasure House.


The commissioners were reminded that the 25th annual Fourth of July parade in Pleasant Mount is slated to happen and that the commissioners are cordially invited.

"The Fourth of July celebration in Pleasant Mount really is a slice of Americana," said Kay.

The parade will have a barbeque, coffee, donuts along with a silent auction being held at the newly renovated Pleasant Mount Library.

Housing for parole violators

A motion regarding the housing of parole violators in the county was made during the meeting.

"We have been working to provide housing for technical parole violators," Botjer said. The staff at the Wayne County Correctional Facility has been trained and is ready to begin providing full programming and full custodial services to the violators.

The county can house up to 40 male inmates at a rate of $55 per day.

Other business

• Robert Timozek was re-appointed to the Redevelopment Authority Board to serve a full five-year term, effective July 1, 2013 to July 1, 2018. Timozek was appointed previously to fill an unexpired term.

• Emma Lamberton was hired as a summer intern in the medical department of the Wayne County Correctional Facility, effective June 13, to help with administrative work.

• Roseann Doney was hired as an office clerk for the office of Magisterial District Judge Carney, effective June 24. The office was down one budgeted position.