On Thursday night Boy Scout Troop 1 of Honesdale held a ceremony for an Eagle Scout who honored the late Dick Kreitner.

- On Thursday night Boy Scout Troop 1 of Honesdale held a ceremony for an Eagle Scout who honored the late Dick Kreitner.

Shane Hansen, 18, was ready to receive his Eagle Scout medal at the end of April. He was prepared to give his mentor pin to Kreitner, but unfortunately Dick passed away days before the ceremony was supposed to take place.

However, that didn't stop Hansen from wanting to do something for Kreitner. After rescheduling the ceremony, Hansen was ready to accept the highest rank in boy scouting, an accomplishment that only a small percentage of scouts achieve.

The ceremony took place Thursday night after the troop's boy scout meeting, where other scouts received merit badges, they voted for new officers and others earned different ranks that will lead them in the path of getting to Eagle Scout.

Other Eagle Scouts who were in attendance joined Hansen onstage and they recited the scout oath together.

Hansen's Eagle Scout project was a blood drive at Rusty Palmer's.

“It was very successful,” Hansen said. “We had 134 people come to donate. The original goal was 71 pints of blood and we collected 133 pints of viable blood to finish at 187 percent of the goal. This blood drive will help 399 patients in need of blood. We also had 34 new first time donors come in, of which 16 were viable donors. Also, three of the 16 first time donors were teen donors.”

Hansen said that the project generated 175 ½ service hours total.

He thanked everyone who helped out with their time, effort and talents, including Linda Barney, office volunteer manager for the Wayne/Pike American Red Cross; Rusty Palmer for allowing him to have the blood drive there; Leroy Spor and the PA Association for providing food and service; and The Wayne Independent and The News Eagle for helping promote the event.

“As a group effort the scouts and I brought in 34 new donors, therefore we earned 17 recruiter patches from the American Red Cross,” Hansen said.

He added that while working on the project, Barney signed him up as a volunteer for the American Red Cross and said he “plans on continuing” that service. She will also be starting an American Red Cross club at Wallenpaupack for youths, which he hopes to help with.

In March, Hansen submitted an essay to the Rotary for a contest they were having. The essay asked entrants to “describe your personal role model and how they influenced you to make a difference in your community.” Hansen wrote his about Kreitner and read it during the ceremony.

In the essay, Hansen said that Kreitner was an “extremely influential role model” not only for him, but for “all the residents of Wayne County.” He added that Kreitner was an “extremely well respected member of the community.”

Kreitner also reached Eagle Scout in this same troop. Hansen stated, “His dutiful service and enthusiasm about giving back to the community is contagious and still continues to this day after 40 plus years.”

Hansen said he met Kreitner when he was 13 while he was participating in the First Presbyterian Church of Honesdale's choir and bell choir. He stated that Kreitner is the one who got him into boy scouts.

“He said, 'Shane how about you try Boy Scouts? I think you'll enjoy the experience and learn more about yourself in the long run,'” Hansen read.

He then stated he agreed with Kreitner and “hasn't regretted” a single minute of it.

“He pushed me in my endeavors and has instilled in me the passion to help others as much as possible,” he said. “Scouting has made me want to become a teacher to help people every day of my life. In conjunction with my outstanding mother, I give the credit of my accomplishments to Mr. Kreitner.”

Even though Kreitner passed and couldn't be there, Hansen still wanted to give him the mentor pin. Kreitner's daughter, Kitty, held Kreitner's scouting shirt while Hansen “put the mentor pin where it belongs.”

He then gave flowers to Kreitner's widow, Miriam.

“Thank you for sharing your husband with so many in Wayne County, in Honesdale, in scouts, but especially with me,” he said.

Cathy Romaniello, district representative for Congressman Tom Marino's office and Bruce Mackle, field representative for Senator Lisa Baker's office, gave Hansen certificates, congratulating him on reaching Eagle Scout. Rep. Mike Peifer was unable to attend.

After, Hansen spoke to the scouts with a message of not giving up when they make the trek to Eagle Scout.

“See obstacles as a learning experience,” he said. “Gain from them and learn from them. Take every opportunity to learn. Be prepared.”