When Police Chief Fred Glavich gave his report at Tuesday night's meeting of the Waymart Borough Council, he urged residents to lock the doors of their homes.

When Police Chief Fred Glavich gave his report at Tuesday night's meeting of the Waymart Borough Council, he urged residents to lock the doors of their homes.

In his report for the month of May, Glavich mentioned several burglaries that have taken place in the borough that are different than police have seen before.

They are different because instead of breaking in, people are “watching houses” and “walking in open doors.”

“They're random occurrences but they appear to be done in the same method,” he said. “They look for places that are open.”

He said that this type of thing “never really occurred” in the borough before.

“It's not normal for here,” Glavich stated.

He stressed how important it is to lock your doors and added that residents should keep an eye out.

• This Saturday the borough will hold its annual Pride and Patriotism Parade. It will start at 2 p.m.

Glavich said the invites have gone out to Hawley, Honesdale, Forest City and Lehigh police departments as well as the Pennsylvania State Police, to participate in the parade. Fire police will be helping with the traffic.

The bike run will take place Saturday morning. There will be a block party in the park following the parade.

• Kyle Barna, who is in charge of the Homer Dome Classic, provided council with the liquor license and proof of insurance for the event, which will take place in July.

He also mentioned that there were some electrical issues last year and was wondering if council would be able to do anything.

“The (breaker) boxes by the tennis courts are in bad shape,” Barna said. “One was hanging by the wire. I think we should get an electrician in to help with the issue.”

Council discussed different options and they are going to contact people who could help with the issue. The plan is to have it fixed before the Homer Dome Classic takes place.

• At the council meeting in May, member AJ Gaudenzi addressed the lighting issue on Railroad Lane and was working with PP&L to get two lights on the road.

During Tuesday's meeting Gaudenzi said that South Canaan Telephone Company will “lower the power lines” and two lights will be put up. There will be no new poles.

One line is 80 feet, which will run from the ambulance building to the mill and the other line is 40 feet, which will run in front of the Wilson field.

“There will be a surcharge to us,” Gaudenzi said. “This is the ninth light we've put up in the last 15-16 months and this is the first time we've had to pay. It's only for putting the line up.”

• Council received a letter from Nicole Lick with the chief flood plain management and insurance branch for FEMA. In the letter she said that the flood plain for the borough is “in compliance” and added that the efforts to “reduce future flood losses in Waymart are commendable.”

• Grimm Construction provided council with an estimate of what it could cost to install an air conditioner in the borough building.

The cost would include removing/disposing two wall cabinets, the range hood, the range, the base cabinet and countertop; installing the AC through the wall (supplied by owner); patching the drywall; supplying an electric outlet for the unit; and patch the floor as close as possible in color (floor seamed).

The estimated cost is $681.

“That's too much to spend taxpayer money for one night a month,” said president Chip Norella. “We need to think about this.”

After agreeing, council voted to table their decision.

• Member Lil Rollison said the swings are up in the park and people have been enjoying them “too much.”

“I got a call that someone who wasn't meant for the baby swing was on it,” she said. “We need to watch what goes on in the park or they won't last long.”

She suggested putting up surveillance cameras in the park. No action was taken.

Also related to the park was the slide. Rollison said that Parties in the Park received a $2,000 grant from the Wayne County Community Foundation to replace the slide.

She said it would cost $1,100 for the slide and $200 for people to come and install it.

• Member Jane Varcoe said that Jim Masgula, the new Emergency Management Coordinator for the borough, is doing a “great job.”

• Norella said that Carbondale Road will be paved in July. He added that they should look at the pot hole near the hotel.

“I believe that's PennDOT's responsibility,” he said. “They said it's the borough's, but it's 60 feet away and I called them on it. We're not getting much cooperation from their supervisor. I would hate to see it paved to come back and tear it up.”

Council voted to have a few people check it out.

• On Tuesday, July 9 at 6 p.m. there will be a public hearing regarding the zoning ordinance.

Council plans to adopt the zoning ordinance during the regular meeting to follow, at 6:30 p.m.

• On Thursday, June 27 there will be a blood drive at Robert D. Wilson Elementary School from 1-6 p.m. It is sponsored by Waymart Masonic Lodge #542.