- Pennsylvania Game Commission officers Frank Dooley and Jim McCarthy responded to a reported roadkill scene in Beach Lake Wednesday.

But what they found was anything but road kill and could lead to an arrest.

"We got a call saying there was a roadkill in Beach Lake," Dooley said. When the officers arrived, they found a Pennsylvania black bear "weighing between 525 to 550 pounds" that had been shot. Dooley estimated that the bear had been in that location for "less than two days."

He went on to say that if any resident has a bear being a nuisance in their area to please call the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

"We caution residents to not take matters into their own hands," he said.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has resources available for residents in need of assistance with a bear their area. "We are always available to give advice or set a trap if need be," McCarthy said. The penalty for this type of action can be either a misdemeanor or a summary offense. The monetary restitution for this crime can be up to $10,000 with possible jail time.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident, please call Officer McCarthy at 570-675-1143. If you would like to report a poacher, you can all the poacher hotline at 1-888-PGC-8001. Tips can be reported anonymously.

Tips for living with bear

If you have a bear in the area, there are tips to making you yard less bear friendly. Bears especially like to raid cornfields, beehives and easily accessible food sources.

The best way to deter bear from frequenting your property is to remove the food source from your property. Do not leave any food, including bird feeders and pet food, in easily accessible places. Another tip is to be sure to clean outdoor grills after each use and keeping trash out of reach.

If a bear is on your property, you can make loud noises to scare the bear away. You can also leave the bear alone and clean the mess up completely after it leaves and remove what attracted the animal to the area.