On our front page today, there is a story about some new plantings which are now in at Central Park in Honesdale.

On our front page today, there is a story about some new plantings which are now in at Central Park in Honesdale.

The story centers around Koberlein Environmental Services, a Honesdale-based company which serves a large area in this part of the country.

Company officials decided they wanted to do something positive in the borough and they became involved with Clean & Green 2013, a community-wide effort to keep the borough clean.

Through that involvement, they took it a step further and volunteered to do plantings at Central Park. All four corners of the park now have lush plants and it looks 100 percent better.

The point here is a local company stepped up and wanted to help.

And their story is just one of hundreds in Wayne County.

That is part of the beauty of living in an area like this — even with a tough economy. It doesn't seem to matter the state of the economy when it comes to local businesses helping out in the community.

You can see it everywhere.

From the resurrected event this past weekend at Prompton to the upcoming car show in Equinunk, it's everywhere.

Local businesses know the people are the backbone of their survival. They rely on the local residents to make a living and, in turn, they are willing to give back to the community.

Probably the most high-profile case of this is the annual county fair which, unbelievably, is not that far away. Local businesses owners show much generosity for the fair, including at the livestock auction where they help out the youth with big financial contributions.

But, again, the fair is just one event. Sure, it's the biggest of the year in the county and that's why so many people participate.

But you can go to the smallest communities in Wayne County and find generosity everywhere you look.

It might be a small store owner allowing someone to place a jar on the counter or a poster in the window.

It can be a behind-the-scenes donation to someone who is suffering with a disease.

It can even be someone helping out a neighbor by giving that person a ride to a medical appointment or to the grocery store.

All of those things qualify as people helping people — and it tough economic times, it's a great thing to see and experience.

The thing about living in a rural area is that neighbors know their neighbors. They are the same people they see at church or at the grocery store. It is a real community feeling that you just don't get in larger cities.

In this day and age of exploding technology, it is very easy for people to weigh in on many subjects — some of it downright negative. Sure, that happens around here, but for the most part, people would rather come forward and help out their fellow humans.

With the summer season upon us, this is going to become more and more visible.

From concerts at various locations around the county to fund-raisers of all sorts to that fair, the generosity is more visible this time of year.

But that doesn't mean it isn't taking place all of the time. No matter the month or the weather, the generosity does not lower with the temperature.

We applaud everyone who goes out of their way to help out a cause or their neighbor. It's the foundation on which this country was built and, thankfully, it continues to happen in places like Wayne County.