- Personnel changes are on the horizon for the Starrucca Borough Council.

At the regular meeting, held Monday night at the Borough Hall, three personnel changes happened after a discussion in an executive session.

After an approximately 30 minute session, the regular meeting resumed, with the goings on of that session at the forefront.

The council is entertaining the "possibility of seeking new representation in the position of solicitor," said President Paul Everett. Attorney Anthony Waldron, whose practice is located in the Hawley Silk Mill, was present through the majority of the meeting.

A motion was made by vice president Jack Downton, seconded by council member Lou Gurske, to make Waldron the borough's solicitor. The motion passed unanimously.

Council then decided to inform the previous solicitor, Michael Briechle, of Briechle and Glelso, LLC., of the "termination of his services, effective immediately," in the form of both verbal and written communication.

With Waldron as the new acting solicitor, council discussed which matters should be investigated first.

After considering multiple areas of possible investigation, council decided to have Waldron make contact with Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards regarding a copy of a letter council requested, but has never received.

The letter was sent to the district attorney from the attorney general. "It's been 16 months and we've gotten nothing," said Everett.

The submission of a letter of resignation from secretary/treasurer Pat Schneyer was read and accepted "with regret" by Everett. Schneyer will end her three years of service to the borough at the end of August.

"I am sorry to read this letter," he said. "Thank you for three years of exemplary service."

Everett also informed council of his plans to step down from his post as president. He offered to remain in his post until the July meeting and will still be one of the seven council members.

Council also made actions about who will be the Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO) for the borough. Chris Martin, current SEO for Preston and Pleasant Mount townships, was discussed to replace SEO Russell Warner. The decision was made to accept the resignation of Warner and to hire Martin as the new SEO.


Downton said that "the roads and the maps need to be addressed." He said the October 2007 Resolution Map drawn up by previous council does not match the original map of the borough boundaries.

"This is an ongoing issue," he said. The total distance in question measures seven-and-a-half square miles. In order to determine the boundary, a survey of the land will need to be executed. Councilman Robert Martin said "(we) need to get the roads surveyed to know where our roads end."

Councilman Art Kopp said "I think we should save our money. It's never been a problem in 40 years."

Two proposals, one from Rutherford Surveying and one from Southern Tier Surveying, were considered. Rutherford Surveying gave an estimated cost of $1,500 and Southern Tier Surveying gave an estimated final cost of $8,000 to $10,000 for just the field work portion.

Council voted to move forward with Rutherford Surveying to investigate the boundary of the borough. Kopp was opposed.

Community Hall repair

The floor of the Starrucca Borough Community Hall is on track to be repaired with the help of volunteer labor.

In order to begin construction on the floor, the borough needs to acquire a commercial building permit. The council made a motion to apply for the permit.