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  • The real reason we should all love local events

  • On page 11 of today's newspaper, we are featuring plenty of photos from this past weekend's parade and program at Central Park in Honesdale.
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  • On page 11 of today's newspaper, we are featuring plenty of photos from this past weekend's parade and program at Central Park in Honesdale.
    The annual Memorial Day Parade was held on Monday followed by a tribute to fallen soldiers at the park.
    For once this year, Mother Nature cooperated and it was a beautiful day for the parade and program.
    This was very evident by simply walking down Main Street. The crowd was huge lining the parade route, which means several things.
    One, people do stick around for the holidays and they are looking for something positive to do during that time.
    Second, whatever downtown businesses were open obviously had a good day on Monday.
    And those two points are extremely important when it comes to why events like parades are held in the first place.
    The events are not held because organizers want to take a bunch of time out of their lives and make it happen. These people are doing it because they care about their community.
    And it is the community which benefits.
    If you think about it, having events where people gather is good for business — and that should be the central focus of elected officials.
    People came downtown on Monday in droves and many of them stopped in for a milkshake or a meal or some gasoline.
    That money, in turn, goes right back into Honesdale in the form of tax dollars, employment for residents and money for business owners.
    That money circulates in the community and it helps everyone — including the borough.
    The more money which goes into local business, the more it helps the borough. This is true in any incorporated town.
    Page 2 of 2 - That is why local government entities need to always be thinking about business promotion, business recruiting and employment in general.
    That has to be the number one focus for our elected leaders. Too many times they get caught up in the minutia and forget about the big picture.
    If someone is willing to start a business or organize a parade, the local government entity should be going out of its way to help because it is good for everyone.
    People rightfully complain about taxes going up while wages stay stagnant. That is a legitimate complaint.
    The way to help offset that is for elected leaders to be promoters and to want events like a parade to take place. They have to see that in order for it to be successful.
    Sure, it's easy to sit back and focus on the day to day stuff, but seeing the big picture is much more important.
    They say everyone loves a parade and for the most part that is true. Local business owners especially love parades because it helps them and the local economy in general.
    That's why we should all love parades — and any other events which draw people to the towns where we live.
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