One local business is stepping up and promoting healthy living in the lives of their employees.

- One local business is stepping up and promoting healthy living in the lives of their employees.

The Wellness Fair had many local businesses specializing in the health care field. Booths were set up in the lobby of Top Notch Distributors, in Honesdale, for employees to visit.

"This is the first one we've done in a while," said Amy Beatty of the Human Resources department. "We want to get employees thinking in a more healthy way."

The idea for the event came from fellow employee Emily Brown, who had run a similar event previously.

Booths at the event were health and fitness oriented, with many local gyms, the Wayne County YMCA, Wayne Memorial Hospital, Stephens Pharmacy and more in attendance.

"We are really about promoting healthy lifestyle choices," Beatty said. Many employees attended the event and offered free massages and blood pressure screenings.

The company is promoting healthy lifestyle changes as well through an employee wellness program.

The program's mission "is to educate, support, and empower employees, and their families to improve and maintain" overall health.

The Top Notch Distributors Wellness Initiative program awards wellness points to employees for participating in health related activities. Employees can earn points by competing in competitions, wellness activities and preventative care. For example, a dental exam earns five points while competing in the Couch to 5K earns 150 points.

Once enough points have been earned, they can be redeemed for prizes.

Beatty said the healthy recipe competition is another way for employees to earn points. The submitted recipes will have to meet certain health requirements, like having low grams of fat and calories per serving.

"It's easy to make cookies," Beatty said. "It's harder to make healthy food you want to eat."

With the success of the event, Beatty and Brown look forward to making it an annual affair. "We are very happy with the turnout," Beatty said.