On Thursday of this week, area middle school students were introduced to potential careers.

On Thursday of this week, area middle school students were introduced to potential careers.

"Occupation Exploration Day" was hosted by the Wayne County School to Work Committee at the fairgrounds.

The event gives these youngsters a chance to talk with real people who have real jobs.

That might not sound like a big deal, but it is.

In talking with organizers, one of the things which has changed drastically in the past decade is the amount of information which is available to people, including young people.

With the onslaught of internet sites, social media and many other outlets, information on just about anything is available.

Including careers.

However, you can look at all of the websites and social media sites you want, but there is still nothing like talking to a human being.

Whether it's a realtor, an electric company lineman or a state police officer, you simply get more information by talking to a person. They are in the trenches every day and can give you insight on what it's like to be part of a profession.

The students were very interested in the many topics which were available to them on Thursday.

Some liked hearing about musicians while others learned about internet marketing, a subject which is relatively new to this event.

You could also see the professionals were having a good time explaining things to the students. So often, all of us get caught up in our everyday lives we may lose touch with other things in the world.

That includes our children.

It's a good dose of reality for everyone to stop and talk to these youngsters, most of whom were in seventh grade.

The word of a seventh grade student is far different from what most of us experience each day.

A tip of the hat must also go to the Wayne County School to Work Committee.

These are volunteers who give their time to organize this event. It takes some coordination to get all of the students to the event and then have them go to each station to hear about careers.

The committee has been doing this for more than a decade and the results are telling.

We also have to give kudos to the businesses and sponsors who participated in the event. Without their support, it could not take place.

Overall, even with some wet weather and cooler temperatures, this event was once again a rousing success.

We can't say enough about the organizers of this event and how they care about the students and community.

We also urge everyone who can to get involved and participate in this annual gathering. It is good for everyone involved and it might give a student some ideas and launch them in the right direction.

That's the most important part of doing such an event.