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  • Editorial: Time to get moving on Texas bridge

  • It's time for the Texas Township Supervisors to step up to the plate and fix a bridge that has been bad for years and years.
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  • It's time for the Texas Township Supervisors to step up to the plate and fix a bridge that has been bad for years and years.
    The issue was discussed during a township meeting earlier this week, yet no decisions have been made.
    The supervisors have ignored this issue for years. It is the only bridge which they are responsible for in the township yet they continue to kick the can down the road.
    Supervisor Alan Wickle went so far as to say that for the past 95 years "nobody has gone over that bridge."
    And the passengers on the Titanic were told the ship was unsinkable.
    That statement is ridiculous to the core and Wickle should apologize to the public for even coming up with something like that.
    We give credit to supervisor Rick Southerton, the newest member of the board.
    Southerton said he recognized there is a problem and the supervisors are going to have to act to get it fixed. He called the bridge "an accident waiting to happen."
    This inaction by the supervisors in Texas Township smells of similar inactions in the past.
    How long have the residents of the township been waiting for new zoning regulations?
    They are still waiting and were told this week it's going to take even longer.
    Again, there is no excuse for this type of behavior.
    Incredibly, the township supervisors meet twice a month, yet there is rarely any substantive action taken.
    It makes us wonder if the decisions are being made outside of the meetings.
    It would not be surprising.
    It cannot be stressed enough that Texas Township, by far, is the most lucrative municipal entity in the county when it comes to collecting taxes. Almost all of the growth over the past decade has taken place there and the township has collected a healthy amount of money as a result of that growth.
    Yet they cannot even find a way to deal with an issue as simple as a very dangerous bridge. It's been four years since they were handed an official report that says the bridge is dangerous and needs to be replaced.
    That's about three years and 11 months too long to not do anything about this situation.
    The supervisors need to take the bull by the horns and get something done about this.
    If they don't, they will continue to cheat the good folks who live in Texas Township and that just isn't right.
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