SCRANTON-On Saturday the University of Scranton and PNC Field played host to The Office Wrap Party.

SCRANTON-On Saturday the University of Scranton and PNC Field played host to The Office Wrap Party.

The day started out with a Blogger's Breakfast followed by a writer's panel, where attendees got to hear about some things that go on behind the scenes.

The panel was made up of Greg Daniels, executive producer, Claire Scanlon, editor/director; Matt Sohn, director of photography; Allison Silverman, co-executive producer; Philip Shea, property master; Steve Burgess, producer; Carrie Kemper, writer; Jennie Tan (Tanster), OfficeTallys, a blogging site; and Paul Lieberstein, executive producer who also plays Toby.

The first question and the one everyone wants to know, is why they picked Scranton to base The Office off.

"I'm so happy I did," said Daniels. "I didn't know much about Scranton, but I just kinda knew it had a heyday, maybe more in past than present, and since learning a lot about it, I think it's a wonderful city.

"At one point I think it was the number one city in America for a number of different things. I guess maybe there was something about the nostalgic feeling of it not being that now. There were a ton of other reasons we picked Scranton too."

Daniels mentioned a Paper Magic place and said that he went to a drug store and found paper valentines when trying to think of paper stuff for the show, that a lot of them were printed in Scranton.

"That's how we knew," he said. "There's a writer named John O'Hara who I was reading a lot of at the time. He's a cool writer and wrote a lot of stories in Scranton. When I was pretty sure it would be Scranton, John Krasinski ("Jim") was going to drive from New York to Los Angeles to work on the pilot and he asked where to go, that he wanted to do some research for the show.

"He and his friends drove through Scranton and came with a documentary camera. He interviewed a lot of people working at these different paper companies and shot all the footage from our main title sequence. We saw the footage and realized there were real Michael Scotts all over the world."

The panel was asked different questions about props, if they watched the episodes after they were filmed, their favorite moments, etc.

"Sometimes we'd go the route that a character didn't say anything offensive and will bleep them because it comes out funnier," said Daniels.

Burgess added that a lot of the pranks done on the show come from real life experiences.

A video was shown that took a tour of the prop warehouse and some actors explained where certain things came from or stated what episode they were from.

"We never threw any of the props away," Burgess said.

There were a few behind the scene videos shown too.

The panel shared some thoughts on what they'd miss most about The Office.

"I went on set the other day and it was just a big empty vault," said Sohn. "It reminded me that it was truly over. It was a hard moment."

"I'm so grateful to have been a part of it," said Shea.

"It was a privilege working on the show for so long," said Daniels. "Thank you all for supporting the show."

Daniels added that he hopes the legacy of the show will be that nothing will get erased and that people will continue to watch the episodes.

After the panel a parade was held where cast members took part. Following the parade was some entertainment in Courthouse Square where some cast members joined in. An estimated 10,000 people were present.

The last event of the night took place at PNC Field, where an estimated 8,000 people attended.

Videos were shown for The Office biggest flan winner and bloopers from all the seasons. Those in attendance even got to see the first 10 minutes of the next episode.

Actors were announced one by one at PNC Field with their character name followed by their real name. Some ran the bases after their name was announced. They were dancing around with each other and having a lot of fun.

After they were all announced, John Krasinski said there's an extra seat. That's when it was announced that "Michael Scott" was there. The crowd went more wild than before as Steve Carell made a surprise appearance.

Andy Buckley, who plays David Wallace, did the Q & A with the cast members and they shared some favorite moments, while acting goofy at the same time.

Carell was asked what he misses most about being on the show.

"To be completely sincere I miss the people," he said.

Phyllis Smith, who plays Phyllis, said that one of the best moments for her was "when Jim told Pam that he loved her for the first time."

"I started crying," she said. "She kept saying I'm sorry, I'm sorry and Jim kept saying don't do that."

Carell said that one of his favorite Michael Scott moments was the dinner party.

"There's a scene in that show where I'm showing my new flat screen television and it was an almost impossible scene to get through.," he stated. "We did a Christmas episode where Brian is sitting on my lap. There are so many great memories. Can we just pause for a second and say thank you (to the fans). We really appreciate all of you."

Fans had the opportunity to ask questions as well.

Someone said that people tell him he looks like Carell. Steve ran over to the stands so they could see if they did look alike.

"He's way more handsome than me," Steve laughed as he went back with the rest of the cast.

Carell was asked by a fan what his favorite moment to film was.

"It's almost impossible to pick one scene," he said. "Every day was something fun and exciting and great that made us all laugh really hard. I don't think there's one. For me it was seven years of fun with everybody."

Another person said their dream was to hug Dwight. Rain Wilson said, "I'm a dream come true maker" and went over and hugged her.

The cast was asked what they would miss about being on The Office. Jenna Fisher, who plays Pam, answered.

"The easy answer is I'll miss seeing all these people every day," she said. "One of the cool things about being on the show and being a fan of the show, which I am, is getting to talk to Dwight and Kevin and Michael Scott. I will miss the fictional people in my life too. That's a special thing about being on the show so I'll miss that."

At the end of the night there were fireworks.