A bank robber didn't get away for long following an incident Saturday in Newfoundland.

— A bank robber didn't get away for long following an incident Saturday in Newfoundland.

Dennis J. McGuire, 45, of Clifton, is now in the Wayne County Jail under $500,000 bond in connection with the incident.

According to the Pennsylvania State Police, at around 10 a.m. Saturday, McGuire arrived at the PNC Bank located at 976 Main Street. Police said he entered the bank and walked to a male teller who was behind the counter.

The defendant then demanded money from the teller. McGuire then produced a plastic shopping bag and the teller began putting money in the bank. The report indicated that McGuire "became agitated and demanded that the teller hurry up."

McGuire then took the $5,534 in cash and fled the bank.

As he was fleeing the scene, other employees watched him out the window and saw McGuire run into a nearby parking lot and get into a dark colored minivan with the driver's side rear taillight broken and with tape on it. They also reported the van had a loud exhaust and a Pennsylvania license plate.

The bank employees got a partial plate number as it left the parking lot. The van headed south on State Road 447.

A corporal for the PSP in Dunmore was in his marked patrol car on I-380 near I-84 when he saw a vehicle that appeared to be very similar to the one described by witnesses at the bank.

When the corporal got closer to the vehicle, he saw it was a dark colored minivan with a PA license plate. He also saw a broken taillight lens on the driver's side.

He immediately stopped the vehicle and the driver matched the description of the bank robber. A photo was taken and sent back to the bank where the teller positively identified McGuire. Police said money from the bank was found in the pockets of the suspect. He was arrested and immediately taken for arraignment.

McGuire is currently in the Wayne County Jail under $500,000 bail.

Trooper John D. Decker is the lead officer in the investigation.

Bomb threat

A bomb threat was reported at Western Wayne Middle School last Friday.

According to PSP, someone printed a bomb threat on a wall in the middle school girl's lavatory.

Police said the threat was not deemed credible by the school administration and the police and the school was not evacuated. At not time were students or staff in danger, PSP officials said.

A state police explosives K9 team searched both the middle and high school for any devices. No devices were found.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact the state police or the school.

The incident was reported at 12:20 p.m. Friday.

Here are other cases handled recently by police:

• A Beach Lake man was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

According to PSP, on April 14 at 9:45 a.m., Nikolas Reeder, 21, was arrested at a cabin off of Rosencrance Road in Berline Township. He was taken into custody on a warrant from the Union County (New Jersey) Sheriff's Office.

• A Honesdale woman is being investigated for indirect criminal contempt.

According to the PSP, Susan Freshour, 46, is under investigation for "indirect criminal contempt" and charges are pending at this time.