Are you thinking about changing your personal trainer? What signs should you search for that mean it's time to start looking for a new personal trainer?

Are you thinking about changing your personal trainer? What signs should you search for that mean it's time to start looking for a new personal trainer? While you are working out at the gym, are you noticing that your trainer is doing the same workout with all his or her clients that they are doing with you? If the workout is not customized to you, you will not reap the rewards. Your exercise program should be tailored to fit your desired goal.

Personal trainer. Their job is right in their title, being “personal”. Your trainer should be someone you can go to with anything. They will be helping you in a very unique way. It's there job to push you past your comfort zone to help you realize all that you're capable of. You should not at any time feel uncomfortable asking your trainer a question about your workout or how to do something. If this ever becomes an issue, you should think about changing your trainer. You need to feel comfortable asking your trainer questions. If you don’t, you could sustain some serious injuries due to lack of information. Your trainer should be someone that you feel completely comfortable asking anything. No question is stupid or ridiculous. They are the professional. It's their job to know everything about exercising, not yours. When you have a question, it's your right to ask them.

Are you constantly getting hurt and when you are hurt, your trainer is pushing you to work through it or to work harder? They should not by any means be doing this!! Your trainer should have your well-being and health as their first priority. If they see you struggling more than normal, or in major pain, they should stop the workout immediately and help you avoid serious injury. They should make sure you haven't hurt something and start you on your way to recovery if something serious did happen. Anything else would be detrimental to your health.

Is the work out the same thing every time? Ask them to change it up a bit. Add weight, do your routine in a different order, add reps or sets, do some interval cardio instead of your normal boring walk. If they won’t do this, then it may be time to change. Working out is a hard thing to do every day, making it monotonous won't help you. In fact, it will most likely hurt because you won't want to do the same thing day after day. If you do the same thing every day, it’s not going to work. Your muscles won't be adapting to anything new. The whole point of exercise is to challenge your body to make it capable of overcoming obstacles so it can grow and become more efficient. Thus, if you don't change things, your not getting anywhere. So if your trainer isn't re-working your routine on a regular basis by adding new exercises, or adjusting the ones you are already doing to be sure you are getting the best possible work-out, it may be time to find someone new.

In addition, it might be good to schedule different trainers on different days. This way you get your variety and each day is something new. The trainers may all have their own way to train, so you won't get bored. For more information, please contact the Wayne County YMCA at (570) 253-2083, or visit us online at