There will be no criminal charges filed relating to a complaint of child abuse at an area day care center.

— There will be no criminal charges filed relating to a complaint of child abuse at an area day care center.

The report was filed with the Pennsylvania State Police on March 25. This was around the same time state officials shut down the Just 4 Kids Daycare located on Cemetery Road in Hamlin.

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare conducted a thorough investigation of the day care center. Various allegations were made involving children at the center. Those included restraining a child, scaring a child with a witch doll and more.

Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards said the PSP contacted welfare department officials and said there was a possible child abuse report involving the restraining of a child in a chair at the day care center between June and November of 2012.

Edwards said that through the investigation, it was learned the individual who made the report "did not come from a parent of the child" who was allegedly restrained.

PSP investigated the report by interviewing the individual who made the report, staff at the day care, children at the day care, the possible victim of the reported restraint and various other individuals. A completed incident report was then forwarded to the DA's office for review.

"The Pennsylvania State Police responded to the report of child abuse in a quick and appropriate manner," said Edwards. "Their investigation was thorough and is concluded at this time. Criminal charges would not be substantiated by the facts and information gathered and provided to me. Therefore, no criminal charges are being filed at this time regarding the incident."

Just 4 Kids Day Care remains closed under order of welfare department officials.

State officials sited revoking the certificate based on violation of complying with various state regulations as well as "gross incompetence, negligence or misconduct."

The facility was shut down by state officials on March 25.

There were 12 children at the daycare ranging in age from three to nine.

The owner of the center is listed as Doreen Tomasetti whose address is listed as at The Hideout in Lake Ariel.

The case is being appealed by the owner.