The second annual Clean & Green trash pickup event is scheduled for this Saturday in Honesdale

The second annual Clean & Green trash pickup event is scheduled for this Saturday in Honesdale.

The event features hundreds of volunteers combing the entire borough to pick up trash and debris.

Last year, around 300 volunteers came out and helped clean up the borough.

A nice crowd is expected this year, as well.

It was really an amazing thing last year when so many people came out for the very first event. Organizers had no idea how many people to expect and they were a little overwhelmed when so many volunteered. But the event went on as planned and was a big success.

None of it could be possible without the help of so many people and businesses who pitch in to help out. Since last year, more businesses have came forward to help out.

This is what living in small town America is all about.

The effort put forth by everyone involved cannot go without recognition. What it means is people care about their community and want to make sure it looks good.

There are many reasons clean up events are held in cities and town across the country.

One of the biggest reasons has to do with business itself.

It is undisputed that first impressions are everything. Whether someone is looking to buy a house or someone is interested in opening a business, the first thing they see is important.

If someone is interested in opening a new business, the cleanliness of the town is paramount.

That's one of the goals of Honesdale Clean & Green.

Another goal is raising awareness about the importance of not littering. The eventual goal of such an event is to be able not to have it in the future. If everyone took the time to not throw trash on the ground, there would be no need.

So education then becomes a goal of an event like Clean & Green. If you can teach the young people the importance of not littering, that bodes well for the future.

Another long-term goal of Clean & Green in Honesdale is to expand the event throughout the county.

There are other communities in Wayne County who do these kinds of events.

Eventually, organizers would like to see all of those events happen on the same day in a coordinated effort.

All of us who live in Wayne County are proud of this area and almost everyone wants to see it pristine.

We have beautiful lakes, streams, waterfalls and more and they should be preserved for future generations.

By raising awareness, that can happen.

Since last year's event in Honesdale, we've heard stories of people who make it a regular habit to go out and pick up trash. Others may stop along the sidewalk, pick up a piece of paper and then toss it into a trash can.

All of these efforts are vital in the overall goal of making sure our area remains clean — and green.

We applaud everyone who is involved in clean up events no matter where they take place. It shows pride in your community and that's how areas can grow and improve.

Being a community is very important. Too many times, in some places, there are divisions than cannot be fixed.

There are certainly divisions in this area and strong feelings on all sides. But at least for one day a year, everyone can come together and take pride in where they live.

We all benefit from that commitment.