It appears that teachers in the North Pocono School District may be walking off the job today.

It appears that teachers in the North Pocono School District may be walking off the job today.

The teachers have been working without a contract for a long time and apparently a stand is going to be made.

We have heard the sides are so far apart that talks have completely broken down.

It's always troubling when there is a strike, especially because in this case, the children will suffer.

The issue in North Pocono is relevant to people who live in the Wayne Highlands School District, as well.

Negotiations between the union and school board have been ongoing for a few months.

As our front page story today indicates, neither side is saying much about the progress of the negotiations. We give both sides some credit for at least making statements, but little can be gleaned about the progress of the talks.

The issues, like in any talks, most likely boil down to salaries and insurance. Those are always sticking points in contract negotiations.

It's no secret the current contract is a pretty good deal. Those covered by the contract receive fully paid insurance that includes medical, dental and life.

Most people don't receive that kind of a deal.

What the next contract will be is anyone's guess.

But here's something you can bank on — whatever the contract, people will be complaining.

And therein lies the problem.

It's easy for the public to be outraged by what they perceive as spending too much taxpayer money.

But it's much more difficult for them to actually get involved and take some action.

There was a group which formed last year that began talking about getting involved in their fight against higher school taxes. For a few meetings, a big crowd of them attended and asked questions.

But that has faded away.

In the recent filings for school board seats, there is no opposition to the current candidates in Wayne Highlands.

Either everyone thinks the board is doing an outstanding job or there is apathy.

The likely choice is apathy.

There was a discussion in the newsroom the other day about apathy and it appears it happens more often than not in this area.

The result is a lot of talk at the coffee shops but no action when it comes to actually getting something done.

If people don't like the way the school board is operating, they should run for office. That is the only way to make a difference.

Yet election after election, there are very few contested races for offices throughout the county.

It's hard to fathom that so many people have such strong opinions on various issues yet all they do is talk. There is no action taken.

Even forming groups and going to meetings takes a long time to organize. You can't go to a handful of meetings and then just quit. The issues at hand have developed over the long term and the solutions take a long time to get accomplished.

Part of those solutions is getting new people involved. Whether it's school board or township boards, change is always a good thing. When people have been on boards for decades, their ideas get stale and the "that's the way it's always been done" attitude prevails.

That is good for nobody.

Yet here we are again with people complaining about school taxes and nobody willing to step up to the plate and toss their hat into the ring.

The time has passed for people to get involved. If it doesn't happen soon, nothing will change and that isn't good for anyone.