Sometimes the hardest thing to do is take time for ourselves

Here’s the thing, you have one life to live. Wouldn’t you want to live it to the fullest and in the funnest possible way? Taking care of you is very important to reaching this goal. You want to make sure your body is healthy by keeping it well-fed, well-rested, hydrated, and exercised. You only get one body, why not treat it right? Plenty of fruits & veggies, rest, and exercise will have you feeling so great; you won’t have time to worry about a thing! You’ll also feel great about yourself when you look back and realize what you can do. “I just completed 30 minutes on the stepper!” “I ate all the required daily servings of vegetables today!” “I feel wonderful after getting a great night’s sleep!” Go ahead, make time for yourself! You deserve to be happy and healthy. You are full of wonderful talent!

Your biggest critic? That would be you. Think about it. I’m sure the people in your life aren’t nearly as critical of you as you are of yourself. “You could have done a better job there.” “Why can’t you look like that?” “That’s ridiculous, nobody would like that!” The little voice in your head is SO MEAN! Why not shut it up? This can be an extremely hard task. To begin with, every time that little voice goes to say something negative, don’t let it. Simply think of something else. “Wow, my hair looks great today!” or “I did a great job at getting that report to the boss on time.” Little acknowledgments of your strengths and accomplishments will go a long way. They help you see not everything is terrible. Start thinking more positively. Instead of “I can’t” start saying, “Of course I will!” Remove “I can’t” from your vocabulary entirely and watch how your outlook becomes instantly brighter. Listen when friends, relatives, co-workers or even strangers pay you a compliment. They are speaking the truth. If they can see it, why can’t you? Remind yourself of the compliment you received all day. When that voice tries to bring you down, imagine the person paying you the compliment all over again. Picture yourself in the place it occurred. Really focus on how it made you feel to get acknowledged in a positive way. You’ll find that soon enough, your negative voice will become a positive one. For more information, please contact the Wayne County YMCA at (570) 253-2083, or visit us on the web at