Bethany Children's House is a Montessori Preschool with great purpose, enriching young minds through creative pathways and encouraging pride in accomplishment through attainable expectations.

Bethany Children's House is a Montessori Preschool with great purpose, enriching young minds through creative pathways and encouraging pride in accomplishment through attainable expectations.

Now the school is extending itself further with the institution of the Enrichment Works Program. The Enrichment Works provide preschool students with the opportunity to expand their learning in specific arenas, while allowing the school to tap into the rich creative resources of the area.

The Enrichment Works pair Montessori teachers with outside instructors who are experts in their fields. This module allows parents of current students more choices and opportunities to enhance their children's education, while offering the benefits of the exceptional school to parents and children outside of the Bethany Children's House family.

The first Enrichment Works, entitled "Exploring Art Through Picture Books," offered the varied talents of local art instructor and children's illustrator Heather Hogan Spencer.

This very successful program provided students with two hours of immersion in the world of Art and Storytelling twice a week. Spencer teamed up with Bethany Children's House teacher Micki Darazdi to create a rich environment where the presentation and production of art could be nurtured by the Montessori method.

The students, ranging from ages 3-5, entered a world where they could safely explore their own unique perspectives and talents, while honoring those around them. Heather Hogan Spencer facilitated a structured program, with plenty of wiggle room for the freedom of young minds.

The children were given interactive story time, where hands shot into the air for insightful inquiries and excited comments. They then moved to a space where a specific art lesson was presented and a mode of art exemplified by an accomplished artist.

The students, their curiosities peaked and raring to go, were then encouraged to dive into an art project. They built 3-D cityscapes, made pop-up valentines, filled pages full of fingerprint people, and pasted geometric collages. Each was a masterpiece unique to the young artist.

Heather Hogan Spencer shared her joy in working with such rich young people.

"Pre-school aged children in Art Enrichment are exposed to and have the chance to experiment with art media and technique that they normally wouldn't get their hands on until much later on.

“Exposing them to the lives and works of great artists this early and in this kind of playful, experimental setting just unleashes the creative spirit, way before they get it in their heads that there are things that they cannot do."

The Exploring Art Through Picture Books Enrichment Works has spearheaded what is sure to be an exceptional opportunity for preschool age children in our area. The Enrichment Works continue through this spring with a Music Together Enrichment Works.

Alison Myers, Teacher and Director of Bethany Children's House, is confident that this program will continue to be successful because of the innate benefits for the children involved.

In her words, "Our children are driven by curiosity, the Enrichment Works programs help us meet this desire by providing intense studies into the experiences and opportunities at the core of the Montessori approach.

“The more we discover about the sensitive periods of learning children go through, especially before the age of six, the more we as educators and parents know the value in deep exposure of a wide variety of Enrichment modules."

The Enrichment Works will continue through next year, with registration open to the public, extending offerings in foreign language, movement (including yoga and dance), gardening and sewing, along with the Music Together and Art Through Picture Books.

For more information on The Enrichment Works and Bethany Children's House feel free to look up on Facebook, email, or call (570) 253-6359.